The Rundown: Your To-do List for January 2014

The Rundown

President Obama declared the month of January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in order to help raise awareness and bring about an end to these barbaric crimes, which include forced labor, sex trafficking and involuntary domestic servitude. This $32-billion global industry is the fastest-growing and second-largest criminal activity in the world after drug dealing and is linked to arms dealing. Recognize these modern-day horrors. Support awareness efforts. Volunteer. Take a stand. Help spread the word about the importance of ending this evil once and for all.

Experience Julian Lennon

Following in his father’s footsteps (John Lennon’s “Bermuda Tapes” app was released in November), Jules’ new app delivers songs from his latest album Everything Changes interactively, centered on the feature-length, interview-packed documentary Through The Picture Window. The app has hidden features, high-def videos of all 14 tracks, is available in all formats, and costs $11.99 on iTunes.

The Following


The absolutely bone-chilling (pun intended) psychological thriller’s second season premieres Jan. 19 at 9 p.m., stars Kevin Bacon and revolves around an Edgar Allan Poe murder cult’s continued serial slayings. Its edge-of-your-seat season one finale was filmed at the Fire Island Lighthouse and leaves us all guessing: Is Joe alive!? Where’s Emma!? How the hell did Hardy survive that knifing!?!? Must-see-to-believe television.

The genre-smashing rockers have been creating brand new music and videos, and are currently touring the world, making a pit stop in Port Chester this month. They’ve also been releasing their brand new music and videos independently, on their website www.pixiesmusic.com, some of which has been downloadable for free, such as their new single “Bagboy.” The band just recently announced the release of their second four-song collection, EP-2, containing four more brand new songs: “Blue-Eyed Hexe,” “Magdalena,” “Greens and Blues” and “Snakes.” They’ve posted a music video for “Blue-Eyed Hexe” that’s up on their site now! Check it out, crank up some “Caribou,” “Wave of Mutilation” and free your soul.

Select your favorite topics—politics, sports, entertainment, etc.—and Umano will curate stories from myriad news websites (Wired, New York Magazine, The New York Times, among many others) and deliver them to your smartphone, along with a host of voice actors, who will read them to you. This app also has a car mode, which makes the stories that much easier to cue up and enjoy while cruising along. Oh, and it’s free!

Why? Because you live here and it’s TR’s old haunt and even if you have visited it before it was probably on a school field trip decades ago. The mansion is closed until 2015 but the Old Orchard Museum and visitors center are open. TR once gave a campaign speech after being shot!! Surely you can spend time at his homestead and pay some respects to commemorate his death on Jan. 6. And btw, the kids will love it. For more reasons, check out “Rear View.”


Peel two bananas, gut some strawberries, spoon that avocado, sprinkle in a few pinches of instant coffee and toss ‘em in a blender—fruit smoothies are a healthy way to re-energize and get those oh-so-crucial vitamins and nutrients into your body’s cells. Which one’s the best and who the hell makes it!? This month’s “Hot Plate” lists some great healthy spots, yet there are so many LI purveyors that logging on to BestOf.LongIslandPress.com is truly the only way to answer these questions! Voting’s over—so let’s see who’s the best!

The third Monday of each January—which falls on the 20th this year—is Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday, also known as the MLK Day of Service. What to do? How to serve!? Log on to MLKDay.gov, enter your zip code under “Find A Project” or plan your own, and let’s work together to find solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems and make MLK proud!

YouTube 'Miley Cat'

The “molly”-dropping train wreck’s appearance on the AMAs is still racking up bajillions of views, not because of her unsexy cat-print two-piece, but undoubtedly for the gigantic floating orange kitten rocketing through space, lip-syncing and crying diamonds behind her. The cute ‘lil kitty’s intergalactic sob story was the brainchild of 22-year-old Long Island native and Hofstra University alum Kyle Wightman and exuded more personality and emotion in one second than the singer did during her entire rendition of “Wrecking Ball.” Worth weathering to see!

Or just watch it here: