Squawkler Pick: You Must Watch ‘The Amazing Race’

Amazing Race
The Amazing Race returns Sunday with an All-Star cast. (Photo credit: CBS/The Amazing Race)

The best reality show on television—sorry Real Housewives fans—returns to the tube Sunday for another adventure around the world.

The Amazing Race, which takes teams on a trip across the globe to compete in frightening and comical challenges—jumping out of a plane, rolling down a hill cradling cheese, eating strange food, fully body waxes (not kidding) to name a few—for the shot at securing the final $1 million prize.

The latest season of the multiple Emmy award-winning show features 11 All-Star teams from past seasons, though that term is used (very) loosely considering most of the competitors never actually won the race, and several of them failed so miserably (John and Jessica) that those who have proved victorious are probably eager to send them packing a second time.

But this is The Amazing Race so anything can happen.

The big question: Who do you root for?

This season features some of my all-time favorites: Bopper and Mark (all heart), Flight Time and Big Easy (always entertaining) and Leo and Jamal aka “The Afghanimals” (you never know what they’ll do).

So after you satisfy your weekly craving of 60 Minutes make sure to keep the channel locked on CBS. Fire time viewers won’t be disappointed.

Watch Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan discuss the upcoming season: