Hey Long Island! Know Anything About This LIRR Proposal? #HaveYouSeenThisCouple

LIRR Proposal


Ok, so it’s time to use the powers of The Buzz for good, instead of evil. Not that I typically use the power of The Buzz for evil, but never much for good. Unless you count making people laugh or learn something as “good.” Ok, so maybe I do use the powers of The Buzz for good. But now, I am trying to use the power of The Buzz for even GOODER!

Have you seen this couple?

Someone did, witnessing a Long Island Rail Road, Say Anything-inspired act of love, on a Babylon line train headed for the Big Apple. He held a portable music player up, the smooth sounds of blue-eyed soulster Justin Timberlake wafting through the cabin, as he dropped to one knee, displaying a ring to his soon-to-be betrothed. She said yes, and the train sped on to Penn Station, temporarily turning that short, dark approach into a true tunnel of love.

Ok, maybe I should keep my day job and not try and write for Hallmark. The point is, if you know who the couple from the January 12, 2014 Manhattan bound Matrimonial Express, these self-described documentary film producers want to know too.

Check their video re-enactment below and if it jogs your memory or you actually know who the real happy couple is, hook it up and contact the filmmakers at (646) 770-4707 or [email protected].

Disclaimer: I don’t know any of these people. The Long Island Press takes no responsibility for any of this. Unless it helps and there is a connection and it’s awesome. Then, it’s all thanks to me.

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