Video of ‘Lion King’ Cast Singing on NYC Subway is Epic

Lion King Cast Subway Performance
Cast of Broadway’s “Lion King” sings “Circle of Life” on NYC subway. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Only in New York.

Cast members of the Broadway hit “Lion King” woke up a sleepy New York City subway train in late June with a booming rendition of “Circle of Life.”

A video of the subway performance began circulating on YouTube this week and has already generated more than 2.1 million views.

Veteran New York City straphangers are accustomed to impromptu performances by street singers or dancers, so it’s no surprise that several riders barely reacted to the surprise—and free—show.

The video begins with footage of the A train entering the 59th Street station.

One cast member displayed a suspicious smile after entering the train, while another is seen standing nonchalantly reading a book.

Then this happened: