Crowder Celebrates Neon Steeple at The Space at Westbury

David Crowder
Inspirational multi-instrumentalist David Crowder, aka Crowder, will be ushering in his unique, triumphant blend of rock, folk, worship music and more during his revelatory gig at The Space at Westbury in support of his debut solo album Neon Steeple on October 9, 2014!

For those of you who might never have heard of him, David Crowder, aka Crowder, is a folktronica musician and former lead singer of the now-defunct David Crowder Band.

The latter was an acclaimed Christian rock/modern worship band from Waco, Texas whose final album—Give Us Rest—debuted at No. 1 and No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts, respectively. The group released nine albums between 1996 and its 2012 breakup, as well as a compilation, All This For A King: The Essential Collection, the following year.

David Crowder Band was known for its incorporation of unconventional, often homemade instruments into its sound, created by the band’s drummer Jeremy Bush. These instruments ranged from a modified Speak & Spell to a silver box with switches and blue lights to a guitar-shaped controller from Guitar Hero, among others.

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Besides singing, Crowder played acoustic guitar, theremin, piano, keytar, electric guitar and programming in his namesake band. After its spit in 2012, he went solo.

With his signature uber-long and bushy brown goatee, frizzly fro hairdo and Buddy Holly-esque eyeglasses, Crowder is much more than a musician and has a powerful connection to not just the sounds he creates but its message. David Crowder band has its origins with Crowder’s realization that nearly half the entire student population at Baylor University, a Christian university, were not attending church. So he did what any other inspired rocker/believer would: He co-founded a new university—University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas in 1995. (He was still a student!)

Crowder became the pastor of worship at his new institute of higher learning, of course, and led worship throughout the year. This is where Crowder’s musical passions and religious devotion collided. He began to write songs specifically to incorporate into the church’s worship sessions.

This led to an independent CD released by the church, 1996’s Pour Over Me, and then All I Can Say two years later, and eventually, invitations to play the music at festivals and events. The band got signed and began to tour extensively—returning, as band legend has it, to their home church for most Sundays.

As mentioned earlier, Crowder is more than just a musician, and David Crowder Band was more than just your typical group. Not content on merely creating Christian rock with standard instruments and sounds, David Crowder Band merged the realms of folk, alt-rock, bluegrass, electronic ambiance and worship.

David Crowder Band’s music was constantly evolving, constantly being reshaped, forever in a state of growth yet somehow also firmly rooted in Crowder and band members’ unwavering faith.

Now solo, Crowder takes those visions and gives them new wings, new purpose, new meaning. Don’t miss this inspiring opportunity to catch him live at The Space at Westbury and experience all his music’s wonder, all its splendor, all its life, for yourself!

Originally slated for a February 2014 release, his debut solo work Neon Steeple dropped just this May, and its lead single “I Am” rose to No. 3 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart!

So come on down and let’s experience Crowder and his moving, inspirational, revelatory notes, together!

The Space at Westbury, 250 Post Ave., Westbury. thespaceatwestbury.com With Capital Kings and Ellie Holcomb. General Admission $25/VIP $55. Doors 7 p.m./Show 8 p.m. October 9