Watch Billy Joel Sing the National Anthem

Billy Joel
Beloved Long Islander “Piano Man” Billy Joel, whose Madison Square Garden Residency ends in July, has announced the release of his first single since 2007.
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UPDATE: Billy Joel sang the national anthem before Friday’s pivotal Game 3 at Citi Field. The Mets won that game but ended up losing the series Sunday night in heartbreaking fashion, blowing a 2-0 lead in the ninth.

Maybe re-watching Joel’s performance will brighten up your day:


Mets fans will be in a New York state of mind in more ways than one come Friday evening.

The Amazins’, who will try to climb out of a 0-2 hole in the World Series after dropping a pair of games in Kansas City, will be serenaded by none other than Oyster Bay-native Billy Joel, who was tapped by Major League Baseball to sing the national anthem prior to Friday’s pivotal Game 3 matchup against the Royals.

The Mets haven’t played a World Series game in Queens since 2000’s Subway Series. Of course, back then, the team from Queens called Shea Stadium its home.

Mets fans are hoping the famed crooner will bring the team good luck as it tries to avoid dropping the first three games of the Fall Classic.

But leave it to the good people at Sports Illustrated to throw a damper on the Mets-Joel lovefest.

According to SI, Joel has twice sung the national anthem in Queens before a Mets World Series game, in 1986 and 2000. The Mets lost both games. While the Mets still ended up winning the World Series in ‘86, they fell to the hated Yankees in 2000.

With two strikes on the Piano Man, Mets fans can only hope Joel does his best Daniel Murphy impersonation and hits one out of the park.

So, even if you’re not a Mets fan, can’t stand the pastime, struggle to fathom why athletes are compensated with multi-million dollar salaries to catch and hit baseballs, you’ll still probably want to tune in to the World Series Friday night.

Joel has a long history with the Mets. He was the last musician to perform at Shea Stadium before it was demolished in 2008. Joel also closed down the beloved Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which is currently undergoing renovations following the New York Islanders’ move to Brooklyn.