Shows Worth Binging on During Blizzard 2016

The Squawk Box

By Ellie Schoeffel and Rashed Mian

With a powerful Nor’easter slamming much of the mid-Atlantic Saturday, this weekend seems a like the perfect time to catch up on some of those shows you haven’t gotten around to or others you never thought you’d try but may now be willing to give them a shot. Some of these are time sensitive, considering that new seasons are weeks away from airing. Gather around the TV, folks!

House of Cards
The hit political thriller on Netflix has been bit of a disappointment since its first season but that’s only because expectations were enormous. It still finds a way to get nominated for top awards, so the showrunners are probably doing something right. For the uninitiated, House of Cards follows conniving politician Francis Underwood in his crusade for power, and probably world domination. Now is a good time to watch, if you have yet to do so, because season 4—already?!?!—is set to premiere March 4. Some of Underwood’s misdeeds are tough to take but Kevin Spacey makes up for it and Robin Wright is incredible as his chief accomplice.

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Yep, it’s back. Fox is betting on huge returns after it decided to breathe new life back into the cult classic in the form of a mini-series starting Sunday. Reprising their roles as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Production began over the summer. The X-Files lasted nine seasons and has not aired since 2003. It also spawned two films. Now that you’re snowed in you can enjoy all 201 episodes on Netflix. Chris Carter, the creator and executive producer of The X-Files, said back in March that his beloved creation is returning after a “13-year commercial break.”

Returning after a shocking reveal in the summer, Suits chronicles college dropout ex-druggie Mike Ross’s job as a lawyer for a high powered New York city law-firm despite never attending law school. The show chronicles his work on high-stakes cases with boss Harvey Specter, with ferocious rivalries, passionate love affairs, and non-stop drama in a law office setting. This show’s creators are truly committed to never allowing the office to be “normal,” and is described as one of the most dynamic shows on television through its exploration of the ambition that drives us, and the upcoming episode has been heralded by critics as “the best of the series.” Season 5 returns to USA on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Following spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen’s transformation after spending five years shipwrecked on a hostile island, life as a corruption and crime fighting vigilante is seen in exciting detail. By day, in all appearances same wealthy billionaire, and by night a hooded hero, Queen attempts to right the wrongs of his father using a bow and arrow as his choice weapon on his numerous missions to kill wealthy criminals and halt the crime that broke out in his absence. Fans will learn the answers to long-standing questions in the newest season, featuring many flash-forwards and dramatic twists. Action heavy and full of twists, lovers of this show can further indulge in it’s spin offs, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Next episode of Season 4 airs Jan. 27 on Ch. 11.

Jane the Virgin
Hardworking, dedicated, Catholic Jane has her life figured out, until it is turned upside down when she is accidentally inseminated by a specimen meant for the patient in the next room. This situation gets even crazier when she learns the donor is her (rather attractive) boss Rafael who happens to be married, and Jane must deal the fallout of the accident, and many more surprises that come her way (like the arrival of her estranged famous father). Full of agendas, affairs, and drama, this show is one of the most-talked about of the past year, and has received much critical acclaim. Next episode airs Jan. 25 on Ch. 11.

The Good Wife
Winner of 5 Emmys and a Golden Globe, this long running political drama follows Alicia Florrick’s return to her old job as a litigator following the arrest of her state attorney husband notorious for political corruption and a sex scandal. Driven and clever, Alicia must navigate the aftermath of her husband’s arrest, as well as encounter former flames and rivalries, all while being present for her two children, who she is fiercely devoted to. This show’s insight into political intrigue, law, and social media in society have been commended, and Alicia’s battle to prove herself in the courtroom and successfully navigate her complicated personal life make this show a great crime/drama/mystery pick. Though said to be ending, this last season is sure to be explosive. Next episode airs Jan. 31 on Ch. 2.