Amy Schumer & Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Switch Jobs [Video]

Amy Schumer Anna Wintour
Comedian Amy Schumer trades jobs and lives with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, with hilarious results.

By Sylvia Durres

Amy Schumer is a lot of things: comedian, movie star, second cousin to U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer. Now, thanks to her latest hilarious joke—a video short with Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine—she can add fashionista supreme to her resume, too.

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Let’s just say the clip, titled “So Easy! Amy & Anna Switch Jobs”—written by Schumer to accompany her July Vogue cover—proves why the 35-year-old Long Island native (Schumer used to live in Rockville Centre and attended South Side High School) should probably stick to standup, comedy specials and the silver screen.

Schumer begins her new role as fashion publishing maven by stumbling behind Wintour’s desk and dropping a pile of paperwork while the phone rings. Wearing Wintour’s signature bug-eyed oversized dark sunglasses, she tells the caller: “Hello? Yes, send them in!”

“Okay, I’d like to see that,” she tells two women standing alongside a full clothing rack, motioning at a particular outfit.

“Hmm,” she says, clutching what looks like a giant latte as one of the women hold up a white top and green skirt. “Is that a shirt?”

“Yes,” replies a woman holding up some clothing.

“And a skirt?”


“Got it,” says Schumer.

Hilarity ensues, as scenes switch back and forth between Wintour’s comedy routine at a dimly lit nightclub and Schumer’s chaotic attempts at identifying true fashion—and eating “lunch.”

“Hey, how do you want me to intro you?” the night’s emcee asks Wintour.

“I’m Anna Wintour, I’m editor of Vogue, and I do clubs and colleges,” she tells her.

Don’t want to spoil the video to much for you (you should really give it a watch)—but let’s just say that Wintour slays.

“Anyone here on a first date?” she asks, to scattered clapping.

“Last date?” she continues, to louder cheers and applause.

“Well, that’s my time,” she says eventually. “But remember: Wintour is coming.”

Mic drop.

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