Jim Breuer Performs 3-Show Valentine’s Day Weekend Treat at The Paramount

jim breuer paramount huntington
Comedian Jim Breuer performs three hilarious Valentine’s Day Weekend shows at The Paramount in Huntington on Feb. 11! (Photo: Jim Breuer official Facebook profile)

Valley Stream-born comedian Jim Breuer returns to Long Island on Saturday, February 11 for three hilarious back-to-back-to-back shows.

Long Islanders know Breuer from his stint as “Goat Boy” on Saturday Night Live, from his 1998 hit film Half Baked with Dave Chappelle, from his podcast, from radio interviews with Howard Stern, VHI’s That Metal Show, and for Mets fans, games just aren’t complete without Breuer’s rip-roaring video commentary.

Metal fans love Breuer, too, and follow his rock band the Loud & Rowdy, which killed it at Mulcahy’s this November.

As a live, in-person, Valentine’s Day Weekend box of comedic chocolates, if you will, this laugh god will be treating us to three—you heard that—three shows at The Paramount in Huntington on Feb. 11. The first gig in this day-long residency is at 5 p.m., and all-ages, so parents can bring their whole kid crew along, and when they grow up, can tell them that their very first show was an absolutely hysterical set by none other than Breuer himself! (This parent-to-kid talk is to be accompanied with a full-color photo of “Goat Boy,” of course.) The second and third performances of the night—at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.—will feature Breuer unleashed, wild and hysterical, in his local stomping grounds, delivering a barrage of extra-special Valentine’s Day kisses of hilarity, one joke after another.

Expect to laugh, uncontrollably—and, a lot.

Breuer will set his comedic skills on one thing he’s an expert on: being the ultimate “Marriage Warrior.” This set is perfect for couples, singles who were once part of couple or hope to be, and families. The metal-loving funnyman offers insight into the tedium of marriage, the fights that are seemingly over nothing, and the challenge of raising children. (Breuer has three teenage girls, which makes him a super-expert!) These comedic insights examine the ways in which wives choose to express themselves, versus how men often respond.

Marriage is no picnic. In fact, as Breuer explains via comedy, it can be a war, where couples can devolve into enemy combatants.

Under Breuer’s tutelage, you, too, can be a marriage warrior.

Will he read out loud from a real text message his wife of more than 20 years, Dee, sent him right before he was due to go onstage one night? Will he lay bare the intricacies of that fight and explode on can’t-stop-laughing-it’s-just-too-damn-funny tirade about how it’s not really about a toothbrush? (Seriously. A toothbrush.) In that bit, he discovers how to read between the lines (of the text) to get to the heart of what his wife (and women) really want. Will Breuer, like a true warrior, show the audience how to send love missiles over to the enemy camp, destroying their defenses?!

Breuer’s comedy has a way of getting right to the heart of everyday life, the struggles that make us human. It’s a place where we recognize ourselves, and in doing so, laugh not just at Breuer’s crazy life, but our own.

And our marriages are all better for it.

What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day weekend? There is none!

Of course, no Breuer set would be complete without his spot-on impressions of Metallica front man James Hetfield, or Goodfellas’ star Joe Pesci. Will he do Jack Nicholson? Will he screech in perfect AC/DC falsetto fashion an impression of Angus Young?

Of course he will! But there’s only really only real one way to know for sure! Check him out!

The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. paramountny.com $19.50- $59.50. 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Feb. 11.

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