Documentary Reveals Unsettling Truth about Plastic in Oceans

Plastic Oceans

A Plastic Ocean, a powerful documentary that reveals unsettling truths about the world’s obsession with plastic, is coming to Huntington.

The one-day showing comes the same week the planet celebrates Earth Day.

According to the film, the world will have manufactured 300 million tons of plastic this year alone—a stunning realization.

In the film, journalist Craig Leeson travels to more than a dozen locations around the world to assess the conditions of the world’s most important natural resource: our water. Leeson’s search for the elusive blue whale turns into a hard-hitting journey across the world. And according to Leeson, “only a fraction” of the plastic we use is recycled.

Joining him on the journey is free diver Tanya Streeter and scientists from around the globe who are also dedicated to understanding the effects plastic has on the world’s oceans. What they uncover is deeply unsettling. But it’s through this film that Earth’s inhabitants can come up with solutions to address the problem. As part of the documentary, scientists discovered that plastic in the ocean breaks into small “particulates that enter the food chain…these toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues, and eventually consumed by us.”

Erica Cirino, a freelance science writer, will serve as guest speaker. Cirino covers wildlife and the environment and has recently written articles on the topic.

Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. cinemaartscentre.org $11-$16. 7:30 p.m. Apr. 19.

(Featured photo credit: Plastic Oceans/Facebook)