You Know You Grew Up in Suffolk County If…

11. You know that Field 5 at Robert Moses Beach is for families, Field 2 is where the cool people go and Field 3 is for losers. robert moses state park10. You know not to feed the deer! 

Fire Island

9. Keep your Hamptons share house, we’ll be on the ferry to Fire Island. 

Backpackers walk off into the Fire Island wilderness to camp.

8. You know Lyme Disease is no joke. 

deer tick
Deer ticks, like these, transmit Lyme disease to humans, including Long Island residents.

7. You know Ralph Macchio lives here. ralph macchio portrait resized 
6. You know there’s a suburban legend of a vengeful princess at the bottom of Lake Ronkonkoma waiting to claim another male. 

Lake Ronkonkoma
Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island’s largest lake.

5. That the real mall is in Huntington. 

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

4. You know where the sidewalk ends. sidewalk

3. We root for the Long Island Ducks. 



2. East Northport is actually south of Northport. East northport ny map

1. Our duck is bigger than your duck. 

Big Duck Flanders Long Island
The Big Duck in Flanders (Photo: Friends of The Big Duck, bigduck.org)