A pair of sunbathers cool off near the water in Long Beach (Photo by Joe Abate)

“Putting off vacation for the sake of business is probably not the best idea.” – Greg Demetriou, Lorraine Gregory Communications

“I learned that if you drop your iPhone in the beer cooler on the first day, you can have the most peaceful, uninterrupted vacation ever.” – Brad Hemingway, Islip Foreign Trade Zone 

“In June I decided to sell my car and commute exclusively by bus and train. What I found is that the LIRR may not be the real problem for LI commuters.” – Judy Wieber, tech entrepreneur 

Long Island Rail Road (Photo by MTA).

“Meditation is the key to keeping sane when you’re starting a startup.” – Aaron Foss, entrepreneur 

“Constantly create new platforms for yourself. The ones that become fruitful, you grow; the others you let go.” – David Pennetta, Cushman & Wakefield 

“I was throwing a pool party for some friends. An animal died below my porch and out of reach. After spraying with bleach and Febreze, it became obvious that the cover-up was much worse than the offense.” – Alex Badalamenti, BLD Architecture 

“I learned my business can run without me being involved in all things. You work hard to build a business and bring the right people in. Let them be, and you can truly enjoy your time off.” – Jeff Weiner, HKM Associates

“That I can learn more from spending time with my kids than I can reading business articles and blogs.” – David Calone, venture capitalist 

“Concluded an agreement that saw the entire contents of a military museum in Connecticut gifted to the Museum of American Armor on Long Island – all 10,000 artifacts, from tanks to tidbits. The deal has allowed me to discover the cost of transporting an armor division over the Throgs Neck.” – Gary Lewi, historian and publicist who secretly believes he’s Patton 

“This summer I learned again that all the sappy, trite clichés regarding life, love, family and friends are accurate.” – Jim Morgo, serial doer of good



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