Bathrooms That Feel Zen And Will Help You Disconnect


With life always moving at lightning speed, the bathroom should be the one place in the home to disconnect and just “be.”

Whether it is for alone time or couple time, designers are seeing greater interest in the bathroom as a priority and space that homeowners want to invest in.

“Bathroom time is important,” says designer Keith Baltimore of Port Washington-based Baltimore Design Group. “It is alone time for yourself or alone time for a couple. Their private space, especially with a house full of kids. A place that is romantic and also a place to go and have a conversation while getting dressed for dinner or an event.”

Some design details that are being recognized in 2018 include wallpaper, brass and gold, exotic stone, great art, accent lighting, and comfortable seating featuring walls with either the organic impact of a marble slab or something dramatic
like a black marble with gold water jet details.

“Thoughtful design in the bathroom has become a priority for my clients,” says Huntington-based designer Kim Radovich of Kim Radovich Interiors. “This high-tech fast paced life we live in with so much technology and the pressures of life and so many distractions makes it even more essential to create living spaces that offer a respite from reality.” Radovich offers some inspiring words to help inspire and get started:  “Think of the most glamorous hotel room bath and start with that as your inspiration.”

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