What is The Best Steakhouse on Long Island?


It’s always a good time for steak, but since June is National Steakhouse Month, it’s time to settle once and for all which one is best.

The public voted Peter Luger the Best Steakhouse on Long Island in the 2018 Bethpage Best of Long Island competition.

We’re talking serious red meat for carnivorous connoisseurs. They expect nothing less than USDA Prime, and they get what they deserve at Peter Luger, voted once again The Best steakhouse on Long Island.

They sink their teeth into Luger’s famous dry-aged premium short loins, carefully cared for under pristine conditions of temperature, humidity and air. Once these cuts are judged ready, they’re broiled to perfection and served with a great order of sides.

People driving over the Williamsburg Bridge can see the original Brooklyn location where Peter Luger opened his restaurant in 1887. The Forman family bought the place in 1950, mastering the Porterhouse and so much more (Did anyone say “burgers”!?), and expanding the enterprise to Great Neck, where it beckons us today.

To find all the other 2018 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest winners, visit bestoflongisland.com Nominate your favorite businesses and people in the 2019 Best of Long Island program starting Oct. 1.

Peter Luger, 255 Northern Blvd.,  Great Neck  516-487-8800, peterluger.com