Ask A Psychic: What Is A Psychic Medium?

Mary Drew
Mary Drew, The North Shore Medium

A quick glance. A long stare. What do you see?

I quickly check myself for some sort of distinguishing mark or unique physical trait that separates me from all the rest, and yet, I find nothing different outwardly. Every person I walk by does not know or see what sets me apart from them.

To the world, I am a female, mother, friend, or stranger. However, deep within my being, I am harboring an ability that many others do not have. I am a psychic medium.

What is a psychic medium, you ask? By definition it may read something like this: People who communicate with the dead and relay information about the lives of others about whom they had no prior knowledge.

Yet, not all psychics and mediums are the same. There are many ways to channel spirits from the other side. Mediums may hear, see or feel energy of those who are deceased. I am a medium who possesses all three senses.

Spirits will guide my thoughts through words, emotions and mental pictures to assist me in understanding and interpreting information. For a medium like me, without a connection with the dead, my psychic ability or state of knowing would be less than what it is. I depend on my spirit friends to grant me valuable information about the private lives of others.

Sometimes, psychic mediums are looked at as charlatans. And there may be people out there who are fake or try to deceive others, but I am not one of those people. I take pride in my gift and view the lives of others in a very serious and respectful way.

Loss and grief are very personal. Losing my brother was one of the hardest times of my life. However, my sadness has always been wrapped in the comfort of knowing I would have many moments to communicate with him. That gift is one I do not and will not take for granted.

A medium is what some view as a spiritual guide, healer of sorrow and even a therapist of grief. Truthfully, we are none of those things. We are flesh and blood… people just like the rest of mankind.

What we desire to be is simply a messenger for the departed soul looking to communicate with those left here on earth. We are the carriers of spiritual letters. We do our best to interpret the information given to us and relay those messages of love and healing. I am blessed to have this job.

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief, suffering and hardship.

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