What Is The Best Candy Store on Long Island?


Whether it’s chocolate, hard candies, lollipops, caramel or licorice that satisfies your sweet tooth, when the urge for something sugary strikes, sometimes only a trip to the best candy store will scratch that itch.

Long Islanders voted Bobb Howard’s General Best Candy Store on Long Island in the 2018 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest.

For great candy with old-fashioned charm, Bobb Howard’s General Store will satisfy your sweet tooth while reminding you of simpler times. Located on Lakeville Road in New Hyde Park for 36 years, Bobb Howard’s has a great assortment of retro candy.

Remember Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, Wax Lips, Fruitstripe Gum, Regal Crown Sour Cherry, Wacky Wafers, Whistle Pops? All that and a whole bunch more make up this time capsule of a candy store! With so much candy, games, and nostalgia to choose from, Bobb Howard’s General Store brings out the kid in everyone!

To find all the other Best of Long Island contest winners, visit bestof.longislandpress.com Voting in the 2019 Best of Long Island program runs through Dec. 15.

Bobb Howard’s General Store is located at 581 Lakeville Rd. in New Hyde Park. It can be reached at 516-354-9564. BobbHowardsGeneralStore.com