23 Cats, Dogs Looking For Loving Homes

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Still looking for the puurrrfect valentine? Look no further! Who needs chocolate when you can adopt one of these sweet cats and dogs today!

Available for adoption through Save-A-Pet USA Rescue and Shelter:

Crumbs, Foxy, Iron Man and Manchitas all come from Isla Holbox, Mexico.  They have left their very rough beginnings behind them, and are now getting all the care they need to help them have long, happy lives; X-rays, wheelchairs, therapy, including laser and hydro therapy, and even special bedding to make them even more comfy.  All that’s left is to find special people who will open their hearts and homes to these wonderful, loving special needs dogs. 

Crumbs now 2

Crumbs is a very loving, happy-go-lucky 2-year-old guy who had his legs crushed when he was hit by a car, which caused permanent paralysis in his hind quarters. But that doesn’t slow him down as he has a zest for life and enjoys every moment of it. 

Foxy now

Foxy was shot in the spine twice and is now paralyzed, and while she most likely will never have complete use of her hind legs, we are hopeful this 7-month-old puppy may regain some mobility in them. Foxy is a sweet little ball of fur and feisty fun who loves all and holds no grudges for what evil people did to her. 

Iron man now
Iron Man

Iron Man truly earned his name. He was hit by a car and crawled under a house where he remained for more than two weeks before he was finally rescued. Iron Man is permanently paralyzed in one hind leg, but there is hope that he will get use of the other one again. Life has been tough for this three year old dog, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a sweet and loving dog who enjoys being with people. 

Manchitas now

Manchitas has not had the best life.  She was hit by a car twice; the first time left her blind in one eye and the second time left her back legs paralyzed for life. Despite all of this, Manchitas, who is under a year old, is fun loving and playful. 

For more information about adopting or making donations to help care for Crumbs, Foxy, Iron Man and Manchitas, visit saveapetusa.org or follow Sav-A-Pet on Facebook at facebook.com/SaveAPetUSA

Available for adoption through Pets4Luv:

Love, Maddy, Snowy, Alexis, Sweat Pea, and Honeybun all have one very important trait in common: They are the homeless mommies of Pets4Luv who all did a wonderful job of caring for and tending to their babies, and now it’s their turn to find their forever family.

Pets4Luv is seeking patient adopters who are willing to give them the time they’ll need to acclimate and feel safe. They will make wonderful additions to your family. Head down to the Mall at the Source, 1504 Old Country Road, Westbury to scoop one of these beauties up today!


Love was outside in the freezing cold snow with her babies last winter when she was rescued. Love is just 1 and a half years old and is still quite shy. She gets along great with other cats but needs help trusting humans so a home without children would work best for Love at this time.


Maddy came to Pets4Luv last spring with her five babies that were only 1 and a half weeks old. At just 2 and a half years old herself, Maddy continues to adjust to the volunteers at Pets4Luv so a home with older children would be best for her right now.


Snowy got stuck in a trap when she was pregnant with her six babies! But Snowy is such a champ that even that ordeal, this sweet momma stepped up to also foster two other sets of kittens! Snowy has some trust issues for obvious reasons, but she’s now moving around her room and loves being with the other cats. She tolerates cheek rubs and plays too! She is making great progress. Snowy is 5 years old and would thrive in a nice quiet home of her own.


Alexis is so painfully shy that she sometimes gets picked on by other cats. Alexis arrived at Pets4Luv pregnant and had her four babies three weeks later. Alexis is Pets4Luv’s longest mommy resident as she needs an experienced adopter with a nice, quiet home for her to thrive.

sweat pea
Sweet Pea

Sweat Pea is so incredibly sweet, hence her name. She’s a little shy but a loving girl. In fact she is often overlooked because of her shyness. Sweat Pea gave birth to her four kittens the day after she arrived at Pets4Luv. Sweet Pea is only 2 years old and in search of her forever home!


Little Honeybun literally spent months hiding as she was so scared of her surroundings. Thanks to the wonderful care she received at Pets4Luv, she now moves around and shows her belly off!! Honeybun is shy but warms up quickly. She came to Pets4Luv with her four 3-day old babies. Honeybun is 2 years young and ready to become a part of your family today!


Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

Tess is a beautiful 2-year-old gal that comes to Almost Home Animal Rescue from a farm out east. Tess is super friendly and would make the puuurfect house cat. Tess loves to be pet and shows it as she meows for attention. If you can make Tess your valentine, please contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 today!


Available for adoption at Little Shelter:

Jasmine is a playful 2-year-old Lab mix who loves running in the dog park at Little Shelter and playing with toys. She enjoys going for walks on the leash or chasing a ball. Basically, Jasmine would make an awesome family dog, so head down to adopt her today!


Zack was adopted out as kitten a few years ago but found himself back at Little Shelter when his owner moved into the in-law’s house and poor Zack was not welcomed. In tears his owner brought Zack back to Little Shelter. Now Zack is waiting for someone to adopt him. His only wish is to have a furever home that will actually be forever. He is a very social boy who loves to hang out with people and play with toys.  

For more information about adopting Jasmine and Zack, please contact Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center at 33 Warner Rd., Huntington, 631-368-8770.


Available for adoption at the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter:

Luna is one of our most affectionate cats at Town of Huntington Cat Shelter. She is always waiting by the door to greet visitors and mews for affection. She will gently wave her paw at visitors to get them to come over to her so she can be pet. She will hold your hand in her paws while you pet her, purring away as happy as could be. Luna also loves to be picked up and carried around.


Rebel is a very sweet tortie calico who is looking for a quiet adult home. She loves to lounge around and can always be found curled up in a warm sleeping spot or sunbathing by the window. Rebel enjoys being brushed and she loves toys but needs a family that will help her cut back on the snacks. She is a very entertaining kitty and if you give her some catnip she’ll roll around like a little kitten.

For more information about adopting Luna and Rebel, please contact the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter located at 104 Deposit Rd., East Northport, 631-651-9788.


Available for adoption at Bideawee:

Look at this handsome boy! Luke is a 4-year-old large, mixed-breed who came to Bideawee in September 2018 from Alabama. He has that classic mixed-breed look with a soft fur coat, white patches on his chest and nose, and a big old grin on his face.

Yet, Luke has a special characteristic that sets him apart from his canine companions: He only has three legs. This unique difference doesn’t slow him down at all. He’s still active, playful and enjoys his daily strolls. In fact, being outside is one of his favorite activities.

Luke loves the fresh air and he’ll start to really relax after a long walk or an energetic game of fetch. He’s very sweet with people and enjoys snuggling. Luke is pickier about his animal counterparts, though, and so he’d flourish being with an adult-only family where he can be the only four-legged family member. He is 45 pounds and fully grown. 


This fabulous 3-year-old beauty is named Cabaret. An enchanting and charming name for an equally engaging lady! She is a sleek and stunning young lass who can truly part a crowd. Boasting a fantastic golden-blonde coat, grand ears, and the most charming face, she certainly stands apart.

Sometimes bashful at first, and then quite spirited and sweet once among her friends, Cabaret is ready to adventure, play or a snuggle anytime. She is seeking a mature, dog-savvy home that can give her the enriched, active lifestyle that she so enjoys. She loves having spirited company.

A home with a doggie friend is on a case-by-case basis, but she wouldn’t mind a home with some feline friends. She adores cats! She would also love a family that could continue to teach her obedience, and who can help to build up her confidence. 


This strong and sassy 10-year-old lady is named Posey. Never before have you met a gal with as much pizzazz as her! Boasting the grand frame of a lioness and enveloping, emerald eyes, she surely dominates and commands any room that she walks into.

Of bold and electric personality, Posey possesses the ability to take charge and take over. She is seeking an equally intrepid home to call her own. Therefore, an adult-only home, or a home with older children, is best for her. 


Prepare yourself, for the one, the only, Jungle. He is an entertaining 5-year-old kitty who knows how to charm, beguile and make the crowds roar with laughter. This adorable tuxedo feline is very people-oriented and he loves to play and engage with his friends.

Being so active and enthusiastic, Jungle tends to get a little carried away at times, and may play with extra vigor. Therefore, we recommend a mature, experienced and adult-only family for this fun fellow. Mr. Jungle might be able to live with another active kitty, but this should be considered on a case-by-case basis. He would blossom if his future household could provide a good amount of space, exercise and healthy outlets for his energy and curiosity. 

For more information about adopting Luke, Cabaret, Posey and Jungle, contact the Bideawee adoption center located at 118 Old Country Rd., Westhampton, or call 631-684-0079.

Maximus 2 1

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:

Poor 6-year-old Maximus finds himself surrendered to the shelter by his owners. He’s been winning all staff and volunteers over at the shelter, and he will win you over too! Maximus is said to be house trained and crate trained, knows the commands “sit,” “come,” and “paw.” His owners said he is scared of rain, so a nice warm and cozy home where he would be the only dog will be the perfect surrounding for this mush.  If you are interested in adopting Maximus, please call for more information at 516-785-5220, visit him at 3320 Beltagh Ave., Wantagh or email [email protected]


Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

Harry (reference #R164915) is an amazingly handsome 5year-old local rescue who really just wants to play and explore all day.  He’ll entertain you while he plays with water from a dripping faucet – you’ll find him lounging in your empty sink. This domestic short hair can get a bit over zealous when playing with young friends, so a home with children 6 and older in age will be ideal for helping him correctly harness that exuberance. If you’re interested in experiencing the playful energy of Harry, please contact [email protected]


Bobbi (reference #VR212) is a gorgeous 8–year-old gray domestic short hair cat who found himself at North Shore Animal League America when he was diagnosed with Feline Urinary Tract Disease and his owner could no longer care for him. Now fully recovered and with a great health plan, including a special diet available at cost through our Medical Center, Bobbi is actively seeking a cat-experienced human who can keep up with his high-flying antics. Because of his high energy needs, Bobbi is best suited in a home with children 16 and older in age and other pets willing to keep up with him. He will also do very well as the only pet. When not climbing on high perches, Bobbi enjoys quiet time with his humans and gazing out the windows. If you’d like to open your home to this handsome boy, email [email protected]



Look at this mustache! Oliver (reference #R165150) is a local rescue who lucked out when he discovered the right feeding colony in his neighborhood. His rescuer suspected he was someone worth trying to save from the feral experience and brought him in for a better life. Oliver is at first dubious, but quickly opens up his heart, especially when treats are involved. He’s a quiet spectator who wholeheartedly enjoys ear rubs. Because of his sensitivity to new situations, a home with children 12 and older in age and cat-experienced adults will make for a successful transition into his very first home. Reach out to [email protected] for more information about Oliver!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!