What Is The Best Patio Furniture Store on Long Island?

Women wear hat sitting on comfortable chair in pool villa sea view, background is logs timber are stacked, copy space.

When the weather gets warm, there is nothing better than sitting outside to enjoy it, but where is the best place to buy patio and deck furniture to make the most of the season? 

Long Islanders voted Fortunoff Backyard Store the Best Patio Furniture Store on Long Island in the 2019 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest.

The best part of owning a patio is that you have a place to entertain your friends and family during the summer. From enjoying a nice dinner outside under an awning to getting some extra Vitamin D as you doze on a comfortable lounge chair, a patio is a must-have for any backyard. But in order to make the space truly functional and fabulous, you need the right furniture.

This is where Fortunoff Backyard Store comes in. They have everything Long Islanders need to perfect their patio and more — plus, they deliver!

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Fortunoff Backyard Store has multiple locations that can be found at fortunoffbys.com or reached at 855-337-8785