Bay Shore Bagel Boss Rant Video Goes Viral

pjimage (45)
Somebody give this man a bagel.

A video of a man who apparently hadn’t had his coffee yet throwing a hissy fit at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore and getting tackled by another man Wednesday morning has gone viral.

The 45-second video that has made Long Island today’s internet punchline picks up mid-rant, with the man spouting off about how women on dating websites make fun of him for being five feet tall. 

“Everywhere I go I get the same f***ing smirk with the biting lip,” the unidentified man said in the video viewed more than 11 million times as of this post since the clip was posted on Twitter at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

As his rage intensifies, he challenges a man on line behind him to attack him. The second man does as he’s told and tackles the star of the video onto the floor in front of a crowd of gawking onlookers wondering aloud how their trip to the friendly local bagel shop for breakfast had gone so horribly wrong.

Although the guy raging about women in the video is clearly an idiot in need of an attitude adjustment, it surely isn’t the first time someone has lost their temper waiting on the ridiculously long lines at Bagel Boss. Have you been there lately for an egg everything with scallion cream cheese on a Sunday morning? Wear comfortable shoes and make sure your phone’s charged. It’s gonna be a while.



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