Long Island’s Aspiring Grandma Moses Has Debut Art Exhibit

Posey Heisig holds one of her favorite works, dubbed Zeuss. (Long Island Press photo)

Making her art exhibit debut at 82 years young is Posey Heisig, a longtime antique dealer who makes what’s known as assemblages: Sculptures made from items she found while walking around her hometown of Sea Cliff.

Born locally, living locally, and working locally, mostly in her garden, Heisig likens herself to Grandma Moses, the American folk artist who achieved artistic success despite not starting to paint until age 78. 

“People smile when they see them,” she says. “They’re funky things. They’re all made out of iron and things that I’ve picked up along the way.”

Finding the art in found objects does not come cheap. Heisig’s sculptures range in price from $60 to more than $1,200. 

The Glen Cove Senior Center is located at 130 Glen St. A. in Glen Cove. Exhibit runs Nov. 7-Dec. 25.