Don’t spend your holiday gift cards on a weighted blanket when any of these adorably adoptable cats and dogs will happily play the part for free!

And with the holidays officially over, consider donating those unwanted gifts you received to Almost Home Animal Rescue. That scarf from Aunt Rita or popcorn tin from the boss can be used to make raffle baskets given out at upcoming fundraisers. Contact Almost Home for more information at 631-627-3665. 

Also, All About Spay Neuter is having a Bingo fundraiser at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Seaford American Legion, located at 2301 Pentiquit Ave. in Seaford. A $20 ticket includes Bingo cards. There will also be a 50/50 raffle and cash bar. Proceeds go to a great cause, helping reopen their shelter so they can continue to rescue cats and kittens in need. Click here to purchase tickets:

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter:


Don’t tell Cookie she is considered a senior citizen; she is as playful as they come. This 8-year-old lady will chase balls for hours with shelter volunteers. She instantly loves every person that she meets and gives away kisses for free. While her favorite past times are running and playing, she loves to cuddle whenever she can too. To meet Cookie is to fall in love, so don’t hesitate, make Cookie your sweetie today!


Ollie is a 4-year-old female kitty who was adopted from a rescue as a kitten and then given away by her owner, then her new owner let her outside because they did not want an indoor cat. So what does Ollie do? She chose a random stranger’s home to break into and made herself comfortable. It’s pretty obvious that all this sweet girl wants is a home of her own where she can live comfortably indoors only. She is a young, healthy, affectionate kitty that even likes other cats. Don’t wait, bring her home with you today!

For more information about adopting Cookie or Ollie, head over to the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter at 410 East Main Street, Smithtown, or call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption through All About Spay Neuter:


Levi and Lyric are a dynamic brother and sister duo. They are about a year old, playful and very loving. Levi loves snuggling into any neck he can find. Either one or both would make a great addition to your family.   If you think you might be interested in meeting them, please stop by All About Spay Neuter or call/text Alicia at 516-510-6738.  


Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:


SPECIAL ADOPTION REQUEST:  You would never tell by his adorable picture that Rocky has had a “rocky” start in life. At just a year old, Rocky found his way to the shelter as a stray in September 2019. He arrived with very labored breathing, and after taking him to multiple vet hospitals, it was determined that Rocky has severe valvular pulmonic stenosis, which is a congenital heart defect. Two surgeries were performed on Rocky to add several stents where they needed to go, and he is now resting comfortably and recuperating in a temporary foster home with a staff member. Sadly, Rocky is going to need medical care for the rest of his life, so someone able to take on that expense is needed. Rocky is a very, very sweet boy, and is great with the foster’s young children. Rocky needs a home with owners able to afford whatever he will need going forward, which can include yearly (or more regularly) echocardiograms, possibly more surgeries, and medication. If you are interested in learning more about Rocky, or are interested in adopting this special-needs boy, please contact the shelter immediately at 516-785-5220 or email for more information. 

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue:

As sweet as his name, Oreo is the young Border Collie/Husky stealing hearts left and right. It’s unclear why Oreo was turned into a canine-crowded Texas shelter. The man who dropped him off said he found the dog as a stray. But the children he was with were crying, so who knows. Nevertheless, Oreo is an extremely smart and lovable guy, full of that Border Collie/Husky energy, so Oreo needs a home where his mind and muscles can be stimulated with training and useful tasks. Not to say you need to purchase a flock of sheep or a dog sled, but long daily walks, obedience and agility training will keep Oreo very happy in his new home. For information about adopting Oreo,  please contact Last Hope Animal Rescue at

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:


As sweet as she is cute, all 1-year-old Keara really wants is to be loved by a human who will make their home hers. Keara loves to be pet and is seeking a home as an only pet so she can have all your attention. If Keara seems like the purrfect pet for you, please contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at or call 631-627-3665 for more today! 

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

Bootsy and Boo Boo

Bootsy (adoption #H209211) and Boo Boo (adoption # H209212) are quite content to live their lives with their many feline friends in a quiet space away from the busy adoption center, but staff and volunteers have much bigger plans for them; NSALA believes these 4-year-old brothers would thrive in a home full of love and freedom. The best match would be a cat-experienced family with children 16 and older in age to help these healthy, bonded brothers succeed in their first real home. Time and patience have proven that Bootsy and Boo Boo can thrive as long as they have each other to depend upon, and soon, they’ll come to depend upon you, too!  

Sushi and Wasabi

Sushi (female-adoption #H210097) and Wasabi (male-adoption #H210098)) were discovered fending for themselves out in the elements when a local hero happened upon them and delivered them to the safety of NSALA. Now they are living the dream in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. While Sushi is ready to bust out and join in the fun, she’s also quite loyal to her shyer companion and waits eagerly by Wasabi’s side as he slowly gains confidence. These two besties complement each other purrfectly and will brighten any household they enter.  

Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger (adoption #H210190) has traveled a long, hard road to find a safe place to rest his weary head. A good Samaritan pulled this 9-year-old boy off the busy streets and placed him in the care of NSALA staff. Although he’s still a bit unsure of his new surroundings, he’s looking forward to offering him all the tenderness he may have missed out on while he lived outdoors. Texas Ranger needs a home with cat-experienced adults (and children age 10 and up.) If you’re interested in a quiet senior to spoil, please consider pampering and loving Texas Ranger for the rest of his life.

Vincenzo and Dimitrios

After sharing a home together for two years, Vincenzo (adoption #H209142) and Demetrios (adoption #H209143) found themselves in need of our help in finding a new home This bonded pair of male two-year old fellas are a bit shy at first but will warm up once they discover you’ve offered them a second chance at happiness. These young brothers would do best in a calm home with a family (older children, please) to love them and give them a new beginning.

Firewoman. Photo by Ted Lim

What’s a momma cat to do when her work in the nursery is done? Why get herself adopted, of course! Firewoman (adoption #MA4376) is a sweet choice for first-time adopters.  She may still have nurturing instincts left over from her nursery days, so if you’re willing to spoil her, she may spoil you right back! Come introduce yourself to Firewoman at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center on NSALA’s Port Washington campus. 

For more information about adopting Bootsy, Boo Boo, Sushi, Wasabi, Texas Ranger, Vincenzo, Demetrios and Firewoman, please contact

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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