Scrooge’s Birthday Bash Raises Funds For Kids With Cancer

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Ebenezer Scrooge (Played by Jerry Parisi) sits with some of the cast of The Scrooge Group and Slayer Players. L To R: Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman, Cooking With Stars, Peeking out behind her is Douglas Spadaro, In the Green Joann Sciascia, Woodward City Productions Partner, and Dr. Eve Lupenko Ferrante in the red. Susan Potter Wepler, Susan Estep, Laura Warner (Young girl), and John J. Hanley in the back. (Photo by Ed Shin)

Ebenezer Scrooge, the world’s most famous miser, celebrated his 234th birthday on Friday at the View Grill in Glen Cove.

Scrooge, played by Jerry Parisi, was joined by five groups to introduce Long Islanders to Ebenezer The Traveler™ a new TV series with plans to shoot episodes in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. A portion of proceeds raised at the event was donated to the nonprofit Kids Need More, whose mission is to provide fun, recreational and motivating experiences to children, young adults and families who have experienced life threatening trauma and/or life threatening illness through fostering peer-based communities that promote emotional, spiritual and physical recovery. 

Executive Chef Jeanine DiMenna, co-owner of the View Grill, created a sumptuous dinner. Upon arriving, guests enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres including roast beef with horseradish sauce, chicken liver pate on crostini, scones with jelly, and Jacob’s Barley Soup. A Victorian feast followed with Cratchit’s Carved Turkey with Stuffing and Yams plus Fezziwig’s Carved Roast Ham with Lancashire Black Peas. And of course no meal is complete without dessert. Mr. Scrooge blew out the candles on a glorious birthday cake created by Wonderful Wedding Cakes, and platters of Chef Paula’s Chocolate Marshmallow Scrooge Hats were passed from table to table.

Live music was performed and donated by the band El Kabong playing ’50s and ’60s standards. Some of the actors dressed in period costumes twirled about along with other revelers. Joann Sciascia of Woodward City Productions created a beautiful display of raffle baskets which included many restaurants from Lindenhurst, salon services from Beyond Illusions of Oceanside, a basket of cheer from Barefoot Wines, etc.

Inside the main dining room with a backdrop of Scrooge’s office, the program began with opening remarks from Jerry Parisi of Woodward City Productions and Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman from Cooking With Stars, the event hosts. Video trailers of Ebenezer The Traveler™ wowed the audience as they saw some of the fascinating storylines of this TV series soon to be launched.

Then a live skit was performed by The Scrooge Group and The Slayer Players with both beloved characters and some new ones, too. Most everyone is familiar with the story of A Christmas Carol and how Mr. Scrooge was transformed into a giving person in the end. In the upcoming new TV series Ebenezer The Traveler™ the audience learns about an untold twist. This is only the beginning. 

This TV series’ goal is to create content centered around helping people across a very broad spectrum from veterans, disabled children, and others in need. During off seasons they will be putting themselves out there to practice what they preach.

Currently the TV series has three books and downloadable music. All are available at Book Revue in Huntington, NY, and plans are to have them in others stores. At this time all are available on Amazon.com. The downloadable music is also available on CD Baby. 

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Scrooge scowls at the audience for attempting to throw him a 234th birthday party. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman poses with Melissa Firmes Ray, Founder of KiDS NEED MoRE. Mr Scrooge (Jerry Parisi) happens to be smiling here. A portion of the proceeds that night was donated to the charity, KiDS NEED MoRE. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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The View Grill Owners: Chef Jeanine V. DiMenna poses with her husband, actor Fred DiMenna, who plays a very convincing Jacob Marley. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Young Mario Mangano seen holding his prize books Ebenezer The Traveler™ Written by Leland R. Prater. L To R: Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman, Joann Sciascia, Mario’s Mom, Angela Mangano, Jerry Parisi, without his Scrooge Wig and Stovepipe Hat, and Michael Herman, Cooking With Stars. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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The band El Kabong provided all the music making this a very stunning event. L to R: David Sanossian, Jerry Parisi as Ebenezer Scrooge, Joe Cupani, Howard Goldman as Bob Cratchit. and Rob Bradley with his bass fiddle. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Melissa Firmes Ray Stands at the Podium, thanking the group for recognizing KiDS NEED MoRE at Mr. Scrooge’s 234 birthday party. L to R: Jerry Parisi as Mr. Scrooge, Fred DiMenna as Jacob Marley, Peter Quinones as the Ghost of Christmas Future, Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman and Melissa Firmes Ray. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Melissa Firmes Ray of the charity KiDS NEED MoRE poses at her Table with Mr. Scrooge (Played by Jerry Parisi). (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Sitting at the table some of the guests Joann Sciascia, Jerry Parisi as Mr. Scrooge, Francesca Parisi who donated the basket of Hair Care from her shop Beyond Illusions and her Husband Richard Parisi. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Some of the cast pose waiting to present Mr. Scrooge, played by Jerry Parisi, with his birthday cake. L to R: Dr Eve Lupenko Ferrante in the red, Howard Goldman, Young Mario Mangano, Jerry Parisi, Joann Sciascia in the green, Laura Warner (Young girl), Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman, and Gilon Goldman. (Photo by Ed Shin)
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Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman presents Mr. Scrooge, played by Jerry Parisi, with Chocolate Stovepipe Hats, L to R: Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman, Jerry Parisi as Mr. Scrooge, and Michael Herman. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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