Motion Craft Brewed: Massapequa Park’s New Brewery 

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Owners Kris Constantelos and Angel Santiago man the taps at Motion Craft Brewed.

Motion Craft Brewed debuted on February 14 on Park Boulevard in Massapequa Park, adding the latest draw for craft beer lovers in the village’s downtown that is home to several popular gastropubs.

After meeting at the Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts homebrew club, owners Angel Santiago and Kris Constantelos decided to open a brewery together. One year after signing a lease, they opened Motion in a storefront across the street from The Good Life

“We realized that the southeastern part of Nassau County had untapped potential with no other breweries in the area,” Santiago says. “The village was very receptive to having a brewery on Park Boulevard and was very helpful in the process. We were looking for a prime location with lots of foot traffic and this definitely fit the bill.”

Nassau now has 10 craft brewery taprooms, more than double the number just two years ago.     

Constantelos was influenced by the traditions of his Italian and Greek immigrant family making wine at home, and started out homebrewing mead, a honey wine. Santiago’s homebrewing efforts focused on ciders, using a wide variety of ingredients and flavors, which he carried over into his homebrewed beer.

“We decided to brew a beer together, a Belgian-style saison flavored with honey and orange peel,” Constantelos says. “And it turned out so good that we continue to use the original recipe.”  

The beer, called My First Crush, was on tap at the grand opening and will continue to be a mainstay of Motion’s beer menu.

The partners installed a one-barrel brewing system with a two-barrel fermenting tank, so they are brewing double batches of their beer and ciders.  

“We plan to upgrade our brewing system over the next year to keep up with demand,” said Constantelos.  

Motion Craft Brewed’s taproom has 10 taps serving a diverse range of beer styles along with several ciders. On the opening weekend, the beers included Boulevard Hefeweizen, Motion Vienna lager, and Straight Outta Wonka, a rich chocolate peanut butter porter. Also on tap were three ciders: Peach Bellini, Le Pasion made with passion fruit, and Cider Colado, a pineapple coconut cider.  

According to Constantelos, the name of the brewery and its logo refers to a boat propeller always in motion. Based on the enthusiastic crowds who packed the taproom on opening weekend, the direction of this new craft brewery will be full steam ahead.    

Motion Craft Brewed is located at 1036B Park Blvd. in Massapequa Park. For more info visit motioncraftbrewed.com.


Bernie Kilkelly is the editor and publisher of LIBeerGuide.com.