Nassau Has Most Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Of Any County in US Outside NYC

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More Nassau County residents have been diagnosed with and died of coronavirus than any other county in America outside of New York City, Johns Hopkins University data shows.

Nassau’s cases rose to more than 25,000 and the county’s death toll rose to 1,001 on Tuesday, according to the New York State Department of Health. If Nassau were a state, it would rank fourth for COVID-19 fatalities, behind the Empire State, New Jersey, and Michigan, the university data shows. For overall coronavirus cases, it would rank sixth, just ahead of California and behind Pennsylvania. 

“It is in the memory of those we’ve lost that we commit to win this battle and come back stronger and more united than ever,” Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said.

With another 608 Suffolk County residents lost to coronavirus, Long Island’s COVID-19 fatalities rose to 1,609. The virus claimed 10,834 lives statewide, 24,737 nationwide, and 123,348 worldwide. 

Overall, coronavirus cases on LI are up to 47,712, with 25,250 in Nassau and 22,462 in Suffolk as of Tuesday. There were 202,208 cases statewide, 592,643 nationwide, and 1.9 million worldwide. More than 470,000 patients worldwide have recovered, including 44,364 in the U.S.

The majority of those who succumbed to the disease continue to be seniors and people of all ages with underlying medical issues. And continuing to compound the grief for families of those lost is the inability to hold funerals under social-distancing mandates that aim to prevent the spread of the disease.
“We just want to say to the families, we’re sorry, and we’re with you, even if we can’t be with you physically,” Curran said.

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