Free Resources To Keep Kids Engaged During The Pandemic

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Homeschooling has become the norm after coronavirus. (Getty Images)

Coronavirus school closures have unleashed an educational limbo in which many parents are treading new territory as they keep everyone sane and, most importantly, keep their kids on the learning path. To help, here’s a roundup of free online educational resources to keep kids occupied at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

For toddlers up to preK students, parents will love the collection of printables that are geared to support kids in learning. Kids can also hop onto their favorite shows such as Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train, where games are designed to enrich their education.

With time on their hands, this site is for the young writer who is itching to write a novel… in 30 days. Common Core-aligned lesson plans from prewriting to publishing help kids from lower elementary to high school to develop and fine-tune their writing skills. 

For elementary to high school students with lessons that engage through stories and podcasts. Segments in categories such as physics, chemistry, Earth science, biology, and more will provide kids with a new way of seeing science. 

Coolmath4kids is for kids from kindergarten to sixth grade. Kids can work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions through online math games, quizzes, manipulatives, and more. For kids 13 and up, visit the sister site at coolmath.com.

Kids can ask the craziest things. But what if (gasp!) you do not have the answer? Send them to HowStuffWorks.com. From How the Shamrock Shake Became McDonald’s Mintiest Legend to What’s the Difference Between a Mountain Lion and a Cougar? We can’t promise this site has the answer for everything, but it comes pretty darn close.  

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