12 Cats, Dogs, That Want To Help Keep Your Mind Off The Pandemic

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Even with limited staff and adoption hours, Long Island animal shelters and rescues continue to work tirelessly for the homeless animals who need them the most. You can help lighten their load by adopting or fostering any one of these adorable adoptables today! 

A message from the Nassau County SPCA:

Our humane officers continue to respond to our 24-hour abuse hotline and are working to provide COVID-19 related services where they can. With all the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the uncertainty of when things will go back to normal, we urge you to have a plan of action that includes your pet.  

Pet owners who have COVID-19: If you are ill but are still able to care for your pet, please keep them at home where they are most comfortable and notify your pets’ caregiver of a potential need. If you become too ill to physically care for your pet or you need to be hospitalized: Your emergency pet plan should go into effect. 

Pet owners needing assistance with pet food: Long Island Cares Baxter’s Pet Pantry licares.org, Island Harvest Food Bank, 631-873-4775.

To report animal abuse, call 516-THE-SPCA and/or visit www.nassaucountyspca.org

Available for adoption through Pets4 Luv:

Pepper 2

Pepper is adorably shy yet super sweet kitty who has already shown volunteers great “pet”ential when she’s given time to love and trust humans. At under a year old, this girl is ready to spend her life cuddled up next to you. For more information about adopting Pepper, please contact Pets4Luv at 516-860-7057 or email [email protected]

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter:


Kobe is a natural anti-depressant! He is a 3-year-old Pit Bull/English Bulldog mix who loves to perform and act goofy for everyone that he meets. Kobe was born with a narrow valve in his heart that causes him to have dangerously high blood pressure within his heart. He will need to be on blood pressure medication for the rest of his life and have yearly visits to a cardiologist. He also has some minor medical issues common to his bulldog heritage. Kobe never lets any of this keep him from enjoying life. He loves to meet new people and play with toys. He had a sad start to life but makes the most out of every day! He enjoys children, but not other animals.

Chloe 1

Meet the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pet of the Week, a friendly, furry little attention-seeker named Chloe. Chloe, a 4-year-old female domestic shorthair mix, is a special girl with special needs. Chloe suffers from a seizure disorder which is easily managed by two separate medications daily and bi-annual blood work. She was adopted from the Animal Shelter as a kitten and was returned when her family could not properly care for her disorder. Her ideal furrever home is a caring, low stress environment where she can bask in the sunlight, take in the occasional cat nap and purr through endless petting. Chloe is wonderful around other cats and children, and she grew up in a home with a calm dog. She’d make a great addition to a loving family.

If you are interested in meeting Kobe or Chloe, please call ahead to schedule an hour to properly interact with him in a domestic setting, which includes the shelters Meet and Greet Room, the dog runs, and Dog Walk trail. Family Pet Meet and Greets and at home interactions are also welcome and an integral part of the adoption process.

FOSTER OPPORTUNITY: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter has had to restrict public access, including their loyal volunteers. If you have no other pets or young children at home and are looking for a way to serve your community in this time of crisis, please consider signing up to be a foster. Foster parents provide temporary care for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in their own homes. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care, while others may need care for extended periods of time.  Download the Foster Application at smithtownny.gov

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:


Look at this smile! Zeus is a 7-year-old boy who came to the shelter as an owner surrender. Zeus got out of his owner’s control and went after a small dog on the street. Zeus is now on the search for a solo pet home. Zeus’ previous owners had some fantastic things to say about him: he is house trained, crate trained, and used to living with people of all ages – from infants to adults. They described him as playful and affectionate. Zeus loves to go out for walks and play in the yard with his buddies. He is a goofy boy who is searching for a savvy owner. If you are interested in learning more, please call the shelter at 516-785-5220 or email [email protected]

FOSTER OPPORTUNITY: If you’re cooped up at home, remember that cats and dogs are feeling the same way in their cages at the shelter. If you can open your home to a deserving animal by fostering (or adopting), please call for more information at 516-785-5220 or email  [email protected]

Available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America:

Briana and Kelly
Briana and Kelly. Photo by Roe Johnson

*Double Adoption* Are you prepared for a shy pair of calicos to quietly steal your heart? Look no further than Briana (adoption #H210153) and Kelly (adoption #H210154), a bonded duo locally rescued and searching for a permanent place to call home. Although these older female kittens (6 months) have a lot of questions about us humans, their curiosity wins out when it’s mealtime! Briana and Kelly come alive in the company of confident cats and will thrive in a calm home with older children, especially if there’s a resident cat ready to show them the ropes of being a beloved family member. An open heart and a bag of treats is the key to success with this pair longing for the security and comfort of a real home.  


Shy Tootsie (adoption #L80521) was discovered locally and is currently residing at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. She’s gaining confidence with trusted companions in the safety of a cage-free setting. Tootsie needs a quiet life with older children and compassionate companions who can soothe her way into what is likely her first home.  Time spent with reassuring felines gives her a slight boost in confidence. A little love and patience will go a long way towards success for this 1-yea- old beauty.   

Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage

When Nicholas Cage (adoption #BF3037) heard about Bianca’s Furry Friends cage-free Feline Adoption Center, he was ready to move right in. This local discovery wants to inspect every corner of his world, but he comes back to his human caretakers to let them know how great he thinks things are.  Life on the streets left Nicholas FIV+, and although he can’t tell us all that he’s survived, within minutes of meeting him it’s clear he’s focused on the here and now. Would you like to offer this bright boy a future with you?   

Boise. Photo by Roe Johnson

Boise (adoption #H210583) is an adorable 7-month-old kitten who was left to fend for himself on the local streets. After some time with a foster family, this shy boy is ready for his new life to truly begin. A quiet home with experienced cat people and children 8+ in age will set Boise up for success. Because volunteers and staff have observed he’s happiest when he’s with his feline friends, he is looking for a confident cat in your home that will smooth away all his worries and show him the ropes, and guaranteed they’ll be fast friends because Boise is very loyal to his buddies! 

Arkansas and Connecticut
Arkansas and Connecticut. Photos by Roe Johnson

*Double Adoption* Arkansas (adoption #H10584) and Connecticut (adoption #H10586) survived life on the local streets this winter and NSALA promised these brothers they’ll be living on easy street from now on. These handsome, 7-month-old kittens are never far apart and look forward to every new experience being shared together. Although they can be shy, just a little experience in the right quiet home, with children 10 and older in age, will make these kittens more confident and fans of life indoors!  

For more information about adopting Briana and Kelly, Tootsie, Nicholas Cage, Boise, Arkansas and Connecticut, please email [email protected]

Available for adoption through Babylon Animal Shelter:


Timmy is one of the cutest and friendliest cats in the shelter’s cattery. At just 8 years old, Timmy was surrendered to the shelter by his owner who became homeless. Timmy is ready to find his new forever home and hopes that home is yours. Timmy gets along well with other cats too! 

Babylon Shelter is closed to the general public but is doing adoptions by appointment with people having pre-approved applications. Call 631-643-9270 for more information today! 

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!