What Are The Best Telecommuting Support Companies on Long Island?

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Custom Computer Specialists 
Custom Computer Specialists serves as a trusted partner that takes away the burden of managing an IT infrastructure. The company works with a variety of different industries, including education, state and local government, healthcare, law firms and accounting. It has provided quality, reliable services for businesses and school districts across Long Island, New York City, and New England. Visit the website to learn how information technology solutions can help your organization remain competitive! 70 Suffolk Ct., #100, Hauppauge, 800-598-8989, customonline.com

VoIPX International Inc.
Having a reliable phone service you can count on is absolutely essential in the modern world. Since 2009, VoIPX International has been serving Long Island-based businesses and beyond. It is changing the way people communicate by combining the best voice and video communications technologies while integrating applications that companies need and use every day. VoIPX’s all-in-one phone system is designed to reduce setup costs, conduct overseas conference calls, and make your phone easier than ever to use, and it can even be plugged in straight from your computer. Its overall mission is to make you comfortable communicating as you go on conducting business on a daily basis. 3 Seabro Ave. Suite B, Amityville, 631-789-6669, voipxpbx.com

Talk IQ Media
These days, it’s pretty difficult to get the word out about your business without social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become increasingly vital for acquiring and keeping clients, but not everyone has the time or the knowledge to execute effective social strategy. That’s where TalkIQ comes in. TalkIQ is motivated not just by content creation, but by results. The agency bases its methods on the psychology of human interaction and what drives people in purchasing decisions. Whether you’re looking to get buzz going about your product with Facebook Ads, build up an effective content strategy. or revisit potential customers with retargeting, TalkIQ is the digital expert you need by your side. Your brand is speaking, but are people listening? Get their attention and start converting with TalkIQ! 1 Edgewood Ave, Smithtown, 888-283-9888, talkiqmedia.com

Top Notch Dezigns
Is your website in desperate need of a facelift? Does your app need that New York flair that screams “bold?” Top Notch Dezigns will bring it and then some! For the past 15 years, it has created websites and apps tailored to meet the needs of your business, your industry and your customers. Top Notch Dezigns focuses on brand design, search engine optimization, research, and strategy to enhance the user experience and ensure everything runs smoothly and is easy to navigate. Improve your digital presence and attract new clientele with the web experts who know how to push the boundaries of modern-day web design! 445 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 25, Melville, 646-705-4548, topnotchdezigns.com

Long Island Paranormal Investigators
Long Island Paranormal Investigators is the longest in-operation paranormal investigation team on Long Island. LIPI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by utilizing objective scientific investigation methods such as state-of-the-art science and technology, including digital video and audio, digital and high-speed photography, IR temperature, EMF, and other sensor devices. Check out LIPI’s website for an extensive explanation of the investigators’ methods and list of scientific equipment, along with in-depth details of previous investigations and theories from their Long Island excursions. LIPI and its website serve as a hub to maintain the free flow of information between individuals and groups within the paranormal investigation community and to keep you abreast of recent paranormal developments. P.O. Box 2253, Ronkonkoma, 631-708-6530, liparanormalinvestigators.com


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