How To Keep Your Pet Active During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Photo by Carole Fuchs

The idea of being stuck at home may not sound great to people, but pets everywhere are surely enjoying all the extra attention they’re receiving. After some time, however, this new routine may get old. So how can you keep yourself and your pets happy and healthy during stay-at-home orders? 

Some pet owners on Long Island shared their tips. For example, Gloria Vasco of Farmingdale includes her dog Marlena in her online teaching posts. 

“She makes a cameo in every video/picture and has encouraged students to respond with pictures of their own dogs, making this new normal a little easier for the students,” says Vasco.  

Studies have shown that taking your pet to work reduces stress, promotes social interactions, and may increase employee performance. Since most people are home anyway, this can be a win-win for your career and your pet.

Stuck at home in Old Westbury, Michelle Elea Bello is teaching her dog, Arya, one new trick every day. One of her most recent tricks was teaching “shy,” wherein Arya puts her arm and paw over her head for a treat. 

And be sure to take advantage of the fresh spring air as Susan Gerardi and her husband do with their dog, Pepper. 

“Getting out of the house and connecting with nature can have a real impact on your health and state of mind,” she says.

Cats enjoy a cool breeze just as much as dogs do, so open your windows and let some fresh air in as soon as you can.

No pet? No problem! Almost every local shelter and rescue are seeking volunteers to foster animals during this difficult time, and that’s exactly what volunteer Leslie Braunstein is doing for one Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter resident named Forest. 

“I chose to foster Forest so the staff has one less dog to care for,” says Leslie. “Volunteers are not allowed to walk dogs, so I took one of my buddies home.” 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting too, call your local shelter or rescue today.

And remember, during these trying times, “paw-sitive” attitudes will prevail!

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