Long Island Private Sector Jobs Fall Nearly 25% Over Year 

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Private sector payroll employment on Long Island fell 22.6 percent in April and nearly 25 percent for the year, bringing the region’s employment to the lowest level in more than two decades.

The loss of 253,600 jobs in April, following a 7,800 drop in March, is a decline that Shital Patel, principal economist for Long island for the New York State Department of Labor, called the ”largest in the history of the current series” dating back to 1990.

The number of private sector jobs on Long Island year over year decreased by 281,900, or 24.5 percent, to 866,400 in April. In other words, one in four Long Island jobs were eliminated, at least temporarily.

The number of private sector jobs state-wide declined 21.4 percent or 1.76 million for the month to 6,467,600 in what the New York State Department of Labor called “the state’s largest monthly employment drop on record.”

The nation’s private sector job count declined by 15.2 percent or about 19.6 million for the month.

Declines on Long Island spanned most industries with hospitality hit among the hardest, losing well over half of its jobs.

“The largest employment decline (for the month) occurred in leisure and hospitality, where employment plunged by 70,300, or 62.1 percent,” Patel said.

Clothing and clothing accessories’ job count on Long Island fell by 70.5 percent, bigger on a percentage basis than the hospitality industry, or 11,700 for the year and 10,900 or 68 percent for the month.

Food services and drinking establishments lost 67.6 percent or 68,900 jobs over the year and declined by 65.2 percent or 61,900 for the month.

And arts, entertainment and recreation shed 12,000 jobs or 54.7 percent for the year, and lost 8,400 or 45.9 percent for the month.

Meanwhile, retail overall shed 25.8 percent or 40,400 jobs for the year and 38,000 or 24.6 percent for the month.

Hospitals lost 2.3 percent or 1,600 jobs for the year and 2,700 jobs or 3.8 percent for the month, while nursing home and residential care facilities lost 3,400 jobs or 9.3 percent for the year and 3,100 jobs or 8.5 percent for the month.

Insurance carriers and related businesses fared among the best, shedding 2.3 percent of jobs or 600 for the year, and dropping 700 jobs or by 2.7 percent for the month.

Finance and insurance on Long Island actually gained 0.6 percent or 300 jobs year over year, but fell by 200 or 0.4 percent from March to April.

And financial activities shed 5.5 percent or 3,800 jobs for the year and 2.8 percent or 1,900 for the month.

The federal government on Long Island, meanwhile, added 200 jobs for the year, growing by 1.3 percent, while remaining flat for the month.

The unemployment rate for April was 14.7 percent nationwide, while it reached 14.2 percent in New York City and 14.7 percent in New York State excluding New York City.

That followed a near historic low for unemployment in March of 4.4 percent for the nation, 4.1 percent for New York State and New York City as well as 4.2 percent for New York State excluding New York City.

Unemployment last April was 3.6 percent nationwide, 4.0 percent in New York State, 4.2 percent in New York City and 3.9 percent in New York State, excluding New York City.

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