Celebrate Independence Day With These Pets Up For Adoption on Long Island

What do you get when you cross any one of these adorable cats and dogs and a calculator? A friend you can count on. And if you think that’s fun, try bringing one home with you today! 

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Shelter:


You can tell by Trixie’s sad look that she is the product of neglect. This is a look of Southern transport that Last Hope as seen too many times. Beagles in poor, rural Southern areas are considered possessions rather than pets, and when they are no longer productive as hunting or breeding dogs, they are discarded in cruel ways. Trixie came to Last Hope from a Kentucky shelter after having puppies. She is heartworm positive and will be treated by Last Hope. While her sad eyes lack the glimmer of hope, what Trixie doesn’t know is that Last Hope is equipped with compassionate volunteers who will work wonders to brighten the spark in her eyes and help her attract a foster or forever family. If you’d like to know more about adopting or fostering Trixie, please email [email protected]

Available for adoption through Pets4 Luv: Pets4Luv kittens

If you’re looking to adopt an adorable kitten or three, Pets4Luv is the place to call. All very young, approximately 7-to-10 weeks old, all healthy and sweet as they come. Now they just need a home of their own. If you can open your heart and home to any one of these cuties, please contact Pets4Luv at 516-860-7057 or email [email protected]

Available for adoption through Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society:

Sassy e1593813348188

Sassy is a beautiful 9-month-old calico kitty. calico cats and kittens are well-known for their gorgeous, tricolored coats in hues of orange, black, and white. In folklore, calicos are revered worldwide for their good luck. Sassy hasn’t had the best of luck so far but she’s looking for that to change. Sassy lives up to her name as she needs a little time to warm up to people, but only because she needs time to trust people. Maybe Sassy is the gal for you?!


Snowball is a 20-month-old handsome fella, with his wonderful white fur and sweet demeanor. Snowball is curious about his surroundings, don’t be surprised to find him hiding in a hamper full of clothes (among other interesting places). He also loves windowsills and lying in the sun almost as much as he loves laps  If you are looking for a sweet, handsome lap cat, look no further, Snowball is your man.  

Please contact [email protected] or call 631-306-4616 for mor information about adopting these cute kitties today!  

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

Prince 1

You’re in royal company when your Prince. This 2-year-old love is adorable with his morning meows for breakfast. Prince loves attention and really just wants to be pet (ok, and wet food). Prince is good with children and other cats. 

Midnight 2

Midnight is a stunning 1-year-old fella; a bit shy at first but will slowly open up and show his personality. He likes to be pet and loves other cats. He is FIV positive but does not let that stop him from doing anything. He is in great health!

If you would like more information about Prince or Midnight, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at www.almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter:

Betty Boop 2
Betty Boop

Betty Boop, a medium sized 8-year-old Pit Terrier Mix was found wandering around a nearby train station and was brought to the Animal Shelter by a Good Samaritan. This sweet girl is the ideal therapy dog! From your first introduction, she becomes instantly attached. You’ll find it hard-pressed to walk away. Betty Boop is very laid-back, great on a leash, and a stage five clinger on the couch. She does have some arthritis issues, but this is manageable with a little bit of extra care and attention. Betty Boop would do well in a home with children but deserves to be the only pet in the family. 

If you are interested in meeting Betty Boop, please call ahead to schedule an hour to properly interact with her in a domestic setting, which includes the shelters Meet and Greet Room, the dog runs, and Dog Walk trail. Family Pet Meet and Greets and at home interactions are also welcome and an integral part of the adoption process. 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:


Ok, everyone seems to love Rodney! This adorable 6-year-old boy came to the shelter as a stray after being found tied up on the street. He is really friendly with people, but nervous when meeting new people. Rodney is really smart- knows multiple commands and even likes dogs! He’s really unhappy and sad at the shelter so staff and volunteers would love nothing more than to get him into a loving home with owners who can provide structure… as fast as possible. Please email the shelter to find out how to meet Rodney. [email protected] or [email protected]

Available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America:

Beanie and Blitz
Beanie and Blitz

**Double adoption** When Beanie (Adoption #BF2666) and Blitz (Adoption #BF2667) were discovered outside fending for themselves, a local rescuer delivered them to the safety of the NSALA Adoption Center. How lucky these kittens were to spend time in a loving foster home where they began to overcome their fears and learn to trust humans again. Although they are still shy, these bonded one-year-old tabby sisters are sticking together to make each other feel safer in the new setting of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Beanie has decided that exploring her new world is tons of fun, and we predict the more cautious Blitz will join the fun soon. A home with children 12+ in age who will ease them into their permanent home will soothe away their fears. Together they will discover the wonderful world of being beloved pets!

Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis

If you’re looking for a feline friend to change your life, Sammy Davis (Adoption #WV0230) will do just that! This precious 8-year-old fellow can’t tell us what he went through before he was rescued from an overcrowded southern municipal shelter. NSALA immediately noticed his dashing good looks and understated charm, be we also saw right away that Sammie was going to need medical intervention for flexor tendon contracture which affects the use of his hind legs. This limited mobility hasn’t stopped Sammy from doing the normal things cats do. He’s a purrfect gentleman (and he uses the litter box like his more abled feline friends.) Staff is in awe of Sammy’s ability to overcome adversity with gusto. After time in a wonderful foster home, Sammy is ready to find a permanent home. Sammy is also being treated successfully for feline asthma which is a covered medical expense through NSALA’s Pet Health Centers. One thing Sammy is better at than any other cat is showing his gratitude.


When Audra Mae (Adoption #WV0268) arrived at the North Shore Animal League America as part of a rescue from West Virginia, it was clear she would need their help in soothing more than her spirit. After time shared with our caring Medical Team, Audra Mae is feeling much brighter about her future. Now healthy and ready to find her way into your heart and home, this 6-year-old sweetheart is hoping you’ll give her the love she’s always deserved.


As stunning as Skye (Adoption #WV0277)  is to gaze upon, it’s her gentle personality that has captivated the hearts of her caretakers at North Shore Animal League America.  After working very hard to care for her litter of kittens, this young 1-year-old mama has been allowed to resume being a kitten herself. Skye is open to lengthy chin rubbing sessions if you have the time to pamper her. She’d be a delightful choice for tabby lovers and a joy to welcome in any home. The sky is the limit when you adopt Skye!  


**Double adoption** Tennessee (Adoption #D48083) and Vermont (Adoption #D48084) are looking for a second chance at a forever home. Temporarily living cage-free at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, Vermont is settling in nicely but he’s keeping an eye on his timid brother, Tennessee and helping assure him they are safe and cared for. Tennessee is learning a lot from the brother he looks up to, and we’re confident that in the right home, these nine-month-old siblings will thrive happily together. If you have a quiet home with children 12+ in age and some experience with fearful felines, these young boys are waiting for you to bring them home.   


Reach out to [email protected] for more about adopting any one of NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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