Rustic Root’s French Martini The Moira Rose A Nod To Schitt’s Creek


After binge-watching a hit television series during the COVID-19 pandemic, crew members at one Long Island restaurant used one of the show’s lead characters as the inspiration behind revamping a popular cocktail.

“During quarantine, I can honestly say that almost our entire crew was hooked on Schitt’s Creek,” says Ariana Fishman, assistant manager at Rustic Root, a Woodbury-based New American restaurant known for its area-sourced plates, craft beers and signature cocktails.

A Canadian television sitcom, Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy couple, Johnny and Moira Rose, who end up in a predicament with their children: They’re suddenly broke and have nowhere to live but in a motel in a small town they bought years ago as a joke.

Since they were receiving many requests for French martinis, the Rustic Root team decided to revamp the popular cocktail; for inspiration, they turned to the series they binged during the pandemic.

“We found a way to refine a classic and showcase a beautiful spirit, much like Moira’s character, it’s elegant,” she says.

What makes a martini “French” is when Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur dating back to 17th-century France, is added instead of vermouth.

“We made our own rose syrup with organic dried rose tea, then combined that with Wölffer ‘Pink’ Gim, which is very floral,” she says. “Then we added Chambord and a touch of lemon.”

The Moira Rose is served in a coupe glass and garnished with dried rose petals.

“We’ve had incredible feedback on it,” Fishman says. “Some of our regulars have officially switched go-to cocktails in quarantine, which was amazing to take notice of while we were making the drinks for delivery or carry out.”

Other cocktails available for consumption on Rustic Root’s menu are Smoked Old Fashioned, which Rustic Root is known for; The Firebird; Wagon Wheel; Bump & Grind; The Mule; Bee Sting; Pink Lady; Hemp Thyme; One & Done; and Citrus Side Rye-Der.

“The cocktail and its introduction really does kind of mimic Moira’s journey of finding normalcy, adapting, maintaining former standards and finding happiness,” she says.

Rustic Root is located at 7927 Jericho Tpke. in Woodbury. It can be reached at 516-364-5041 or rusticrootkitchen.com