10 Best Mastic Bull Memes, Posts


A 1,500-pound bull is still roaming free in Suffolk County after it was spotted in residential Mastic on Tuesday, so naturally, Long Islanders are having a field day on social media. Here are 10 memes and posts featuring the now-viral Mastic bull.

Catch Him If You Can…

Many of the memes that have popped up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter poke fun at the fact that, well, no one can catch this bull. Police and animal rescue groups have tried using helicopters with spotlights, food, and even a cow in heat to lure him out of the nature preserve, where he was last seen Tuesday. Seems like he just wants to be alone for now.

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Tweeting Bull

At least two Twitter accounts have emerged tweeting their comical take on the bull’s point of view. In reality, the bull just escaped a slaughterhouse and has no idea that once found, he’ll be spared and taken to a sanctuary, not turned into dinner.



Mastic Memes

The folks of Mastic are surely having the most fun, if they’re not worrying about a bull showing up at their door.

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Of course, Long Island Wise Guy, a popular comedy account that jokes about Long Island on the regular, jumped on the Mastic bull bandwagon.

Promo Bull

The Warped Tour Band used the debacle to promote its concert at Mulcahy’s on Friday. The Instagram page put emo music over the doorbell camera video that a family in the neighborhood caught of the bull strolling down their street Tuesday morning.

Name The Bull

Finally, Newsday posted a poll asking its readers to choose one of these hilarious Long Island-themed names for the bull. The image was reshared all over social media. Spoiler alert: Bully Joel won, but search teams had already nicknamed the runaway bovine Barney.

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