KiDS NEED MoRE Hold Luau Gala in Memory of Mitchell Kraeling in Baldwin

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KiDS NEED MoRE Luau Gala in Loving Memory of Mitchell Kraeling. (Photo by Ed Shin)

KiDS NEED MoRE hosted its annual gala in memory of Mitchell Kraeling on Aug. 20. at the Coral House in Baldwin. The luau-style event featured a pig roast, festive Hawaiian attire, hula dancers, tiki decor, food, drinks, games, prizes, photo booths, prize wheels, and much more.

The event raised more than $40,000 for KiDS Need MoRE, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, families, and young adults coping with cancer and life-threatening illness.

For more information, visit kidsneedmore.org.

Image 2 Mitch Kraeling Keith MC Mystic Williams
Mitch Kraeling and Keith (MC Mystic) Williams. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 3 Paul Magro Terri Magro Jeanine Spencer Dr. Joseph Mills
Paul Magro, Terri Magro, Jeanine Spencer, and Dr. Joseph Mills. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 4 Cathy Settens Nina Rosenberg
Cathy Settens and Nina Rosenberg. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 5 Champion Elevator Steven Tilchen sitting Sharon Peach Paul Peach Back Row Linda Tilchen Mike Zenick Marc Peper Joe Lore
Champion Elevator – Steven Tilchen, (sitting) Sharon Peach, Paul Peach (Back Row) Linda Tilchen, Mike Zenick, Marc Peper, and Joe Lore. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 6 Lucy Sullivan Scott Sullivan
Lucy Sullivan and Scott Sullivan. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 7 Mitch Kraeling Mellisa Firmes Ray Johnny Ray
Mitch Kraeling, Mellisa Firmes-Ray, and Johnny Ray. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 8 Johnny Ray Mitch Kraeling
Johnny Ray and Mitch Kraeling. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 9 Michelle Stockdale Touchstone Crystal
Michelle Stockdale, Touchstone Crystal. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 10 Andrew Sahagun Aliyah Sumigcay Angelica Sahagun Keith MC Mystic Williams Precious Sahagun Alvin Sumigcay
Andrew Sahagun, Aliyah Sumigcay, Angelica Sahagun, Keith (MC Mystic) Williams, Precious Sahagun, and Alvin Sumigcay. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 11 Paula Rosenberg Mitch Kraeling Nina rosenberg
Paula Rosenberg, Mitch Kraeling and Nina Rosenberg. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 12 Island Inspiration NY
Island Inspiration NY. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 13 Sal Novello Eddie Orihuela
Sal Novello and Eddie Orihuela. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 14 KiDS NEED MoRE Luau Gala in Loving Memory of Mitchell Kraeling
KiDS NEED MoRE Luau Gala in Loving Memory of Mitchell Kraeling. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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