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Connie Ambrosio-Locascio, Westbury Arts President Julie Lyon, Veneita Mohabir, Kyle LeClaire, Sam Pardo, Michelle Ciardulli, and Ralph Ciarculli, owner of Long Island Movie Screens. (Photo by Ed Shin)

Asbury Shorts, New York City’s longest-running non-competitive short film exhibition and touring show, returned to the founder’s hometown of Westbury on Friday, Sept. 10 for a free outdoor evening film show at Piazza Ernesto Strada on Post and Maple Avenues in the middle of the village.

The show opened the celebration with musical guest Julie Lyon and Friends. The show also featured a mix of past audience request favorites mixed with new global festival winners and honorees. Past show guest hosts from the early years of Asbury Shorts Long Island were on hand to introduce some of the films.

Asbury Shorts is named for Westbury’s Asbury Avenue where the founder of the festival, filmmaker Doug LeClaire, grew up. “I love returning to Westbury, a community that nourished and educated me,” he says.

For 40 years Asbury Shorts’ film “concert” has been presented at venues across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany.

“Our mission,” says LeClaire, “is to screen world-renowned, festival award-winning short films — from all years — in cinemas, art museums, performing arts centers, and cool outdoor locations … on real cinema screens … as opposed to YouTube, smartphones, or computers.”

The program featured a fast-paced and highly entertaining lineup of the best in short film comedy, drama, and animation and often includes Oscar nominees, U.S. film festival Best of Show winners, and international honorees from the past and present.

The 10th anniversary Short Film Concert of Westbury was presented by Westbury Arts.

Doug LeClaire, director of The Asbury Short Film Concerts, and Westbury Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Westbury Short Film Concert celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Asbury Shorts. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Westbury Short Film Concert celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Asbury Shorts. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Westbury Short Film Concert celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Asbury Shorts. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Adriana Devers and Alex Nunez. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Jay Caruso introducing some films. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Tom Cabrera, Westbury Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro, and Julie Lyon. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Tom Cabrera. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Iyna Caruso, Jay Caruso, and Doug LeClaire. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Robert Brady and Loretta Brady. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Richard Cardozo and JoAnn Callan. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Doug LeClaire and Kyle LeClaire. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Michelle Rouhani interviewing Westbury Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Julie Lyon and Friends. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Rose Hittmeyer, Phyllis Chin, and Frank Chin. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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