Pet adoption is a numbers game. When you rescue one dog or cat, you save their life and also the life of the next homeless animal that gets their spot at the shelter/rescue. Make a double adoption and that’s four lives saved. The opportunity to make a difference is endless. Can these dogs and cats “count” on you to be their hero?

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Adorable 3-year-old Zeus was rescued from Florida and later surrendered to the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter. Zeus is sweet, affectionate, and naturally craves human contact and company. Without the proper socialization he should have received in his early years, Zeus became a bit timid and jumpy about the world around him. Although he has made progress in a short time, he will need a strong and experienced leader to help him gain the confidence to enjoy the world as every dog deserves to.

Because of his fears, the preferred home for Zeus is one with no children or other pets. This dapper dog is currently being treated for heartworm disease. Due to his treatment, Zeus will only be available for a foster or ‘foster to adopt’ home, until his treatment is completed, and he is cleared to be neutered. This poor boy has had a rough start to life … let’s write him the happy furr-ever after ending he truly deserves!

If you are interested in meeting Zeus, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Sweet Tabitha came to the shelter after supposedly being found as a stray by someone who brought her home and then called the shelter to pick her up. The finder says she was great in the home too, so that’s great news. At the shelter, Tabitha is very sweet, playful, and friendly with new people. She also loves a good game of fetch! She even likes other dogs! Tabitha displayed slight guarding of her food, so she is being recommended for a home with kids 15 and older. If you are interested in learning more and getting the most up to date information on Tabitha, please contact the shelter’s placement team at 516-785-5220 or

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**North Shore Animal League America will be waiving adoption fees on all felines six months and older through the month of September for approved adopters.


When 1-year-old Alutia (Adoption #G26629) first arrived, she was unsure of her new situation and hid in cubbies to avoid altercations. Time in one of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center’s quiet, sunny rooms has smoothed out all the worries from her beautiful brow, and what’s left is a dedicated companion, eager to greet you at the door, hopeful your hands have time for rubs and treats. A family with children age ten and older will pave the way for success. Although she co-exists well enough with her familiar roommates, her true happiness will come from being able to devote all her time and attention to the hero who escorts her home. Will that be you?

Katherine the Great

**Senior Alert** When her beloved human passed and 9-year-old Katherine the Great (Adoption #H210441) lost the kingdom she’d ruled her whole life, she needed our full support to nurture her broken heart. This started with sharing a safe, sunny room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center with her clowder, who each emerged confident as they realized how well-loved they’d be in our care. Katherine may have taken longer than her feline family did to come around, but with time, patience (and treats,) her heart opened up. Although she’d be content to pass her whole day napping in a cubby, she’s begun to select who she trusts to share tender moments. NSALA is looking to return Katherine to a peaceful home where she can rule hearts from a cozy bed. If you’ve had experience with fearful cats, your patience and consistency will serve you well as you become her most loyal subject. Katherine is looking for an adult family with no young children to ensure this scared senior has success reigning in her golden years.

Dasani and Aquafina

**Double Adoption** NSALA has been working hard to gain the trust of two older kittens who arrived from their local rescue with a lot of opinions about human hands. They’re happy (and proud) to share that 5-month-olds Dasani (Adoption #BF3808) and Aquafina (Adoption #BF3809) have a fresh take on hands and are ready to try out yours if you’d like to complete their journey. A little patience and experience with fearful kittens in a predictable household (with children 12 and older) is the recipe for success. Aquafina is so thrilled about her turn around she’s actually quite proud of herself. You’ll find her welcoming lap time and ear rubs when she’s not preoccupied with playing with her enthusiastic sister. Dasani isn’t quite as confident as Aquafina … yet, but she opens up with treats and playtime. Nothing makes her happier than chasing toy mice and feathers! You won’t believe these charming girls ever had a fretful moment, and we predict once home, they never will again!


**Senior Alert** A good Samaritan discovered Lily Taylor (Adoption #D46859) wandering around the city streets and took her to the local shelter, where we spotted her and brought her to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center for safety. Despite all that this elegant 11-year-old Siamese mix has gone through in the past few weeks, her heart is open to finding a connection with a hero who will keep her safe through her golden years. NSALA vets have dedicated all their talents towards creating a successful treatment plan to help with her history of Cystitis/Hematuria and Vestibular Disease (a balance disorder which has her charmingly walking in circles to greet you!) You’ll find Lili very appreciative of small talk and ear rubs, and an enthusiastic fan of crunchy treats. Although new situations make her nervous, a gentle reminder that she’s not alone reassures her that she is once again safe. Would you like to provide Lily Taylor a home beyond her wildest dreams? All it takes is a willing heart and a sunny window to make her life complete.


**Senior Alert** When 16-year-old Smokey (Adoption #H190886) arrived after losing his lifetime residence, his positive attitude was infectious, particularly among the NSALA medical team who gave him extra attention as they handled his health. No matter what Smokey has experienced, he greets all visitors with a happy head waiting for ear rubs and chin scratches. Now that Smokey’s health is well cared for, NSALA is focused on finding him a place to call his own. Someone very special and very lucky is about to receive all the gratitude he’s been storing up in his heart, and we can’t wait to watch him make that connection so he can resume the happy life he deserves. Want to be a superhero?


Were you hoping for a stunning adult feline to fill up the empty spaces in your home? Today is your lucky day! Humble 5-year-old Lucky (Adoption #WV0921) doesn’t let her mesmerizing good looks go to her head. She wants to let you know that no matter what she went through on her rescue journey from West Virginia, it was worth it because it led her to you. How sweet is that? Choose Lucky as your new best friend and you’ll be blessed to share a happily ever after together!

Quixote and Sancho

**Special Request** **Double Adoption** When 6-year-olds Quixote (Adoption #BF1603) and Sancho’s (Adoption #BF1604) beloved owner became very ill, NSALA warmly welcomed them with an eye towards the opportunity at a fresh start. Sancho depends on his brother for love and support, but it’s Quixote who has special needs. Quixote is deaf and blind; he feels his way through his heart, one very open to ear rubs and tender moments shared with trusted humans. NSALA is seeking a quiet, loving home with people interested in offering these very bonded brothers a safe place to start anew. Want to be part of Quixote and Sancho’s journey? Please ask about meeting these very special brothers today.

Reach out to for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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