Pi & Pie Mask: Special Sizes for Preschoolers, Teens and Women

pi & pie mask

After wearing masks for well over a year now, we’re all too familiar with the struggle of one-size does not fit all. We constantly have to adjust our little one’s masks so they stay on, and even the masks we buy don’t always fit our faces quite right. If we’re going to stay safe & healthy, we need masks that fit our faces. That’s why, Pi & Pie Mask designs special-sized disposable face masks for preschoolers, teens and women.

Pi & Pie takes into account that young kids, teens and women have smaller faces, so they offer toddler/preschooler and petite sizes so that your little one and you can be protected. “Great masks for young kids! Size works well for a small child’s face. Multiple colors to choose from. Quality of the mask is nice, and holds up throughout the school day,” explains Rhiannon M. Because the masks are made in the USA, shipping is quick and communication is easy. And for a price of $2 per pack (including 5 masks), you can’t beat it.

Not only does Pi & Pie take into account size, but also style. “These masks are surprisingly pretty good quality and they fit my 3 year old perfectly. I bought multiple colors/designs to try out and each color/design has also surprisingly been vibrant and opaque and not at all faded like I was expecting them to be,” says Amani. The colors are fun & vibrant, so your kids will surely love wearing them. “I have a 6 year old and a 10 year old. When I gave them the masks, they got so excited about the brilliant purple, blue, green, orange and yellow colors right away,” adds E & E’s mom.

As we get into the fall spirit and gear up for the holidays, Pi & Pie masks are great for staying safe during all of your festivities. Stay tuned for the special holiday-themed masks coming up in November and December, like the Halloween one in October!