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Ray Fais, Donna Morales, Doug Madlon Lindenhurst Village Admin, Katie Schrader, Mike Lavorata Lindenhurst Mayor, Gerry Ferretti, and Paul Laudicano. (Photo by Ed Shin)

The New York Long Island Film Festival returned to the Lindenhurst Moose Lodge — and added the South Shore Theatre Experience as a screening venue — from Oct. 21 to 24.

Festival Director Gerry Ferretti decided, after being the only festival to go live in 2020, that he had to do something special for 2021. First, he doubled the days from two to four, then added a terrific new venue in the SSTE, and finally organized an opening night party at Sand City Brewery in Lindenhurst.

The opening night party was a huge success as he brought in food from various local restaurants, had live music playing, and even screened a couple of films. With the help of Katie Schrader, Paul Laudicano, and Donna Morales, the NYLI Film Festival showed films from 10 different countries across four days and welcomed filmmakers from all over the country.

The festival also introduced additional awards to recognize the various categories of filmmaking including the new Spirit of NYLIFF Award and cash prize, which honors the film that represents the greatest production value, hard work, and determination within a minimal budget.

NYLIFF will soon be accepting submissions for 2022. Submissions can be made by logging onto and searching NYLIFF or The New York Long Island Film Festival. They can be reached by contacting Gerry Ferretti at or or by visiting

NYLIFF Program Director, Katie Schrader, Thaddeus Plezia and owner of the South Shore Theatre Experience Deborah Plezia, and NYLIFF Executive Director Gerry Ferretti. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Valentina Janek from the Long Island Breakfast Club and NYLIFF host Lilo Grunwald-Pearlman. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Brian Pollock, Gerry Ferretti, Donna Morales, Luis Pedron and Paul Laudicano. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Katie Schrader and Lindenhurst Mayor Mike Lavorata. (Photo by Ed Shin)
NYLIFF guest speaker Anthony Grasso. (Photo by Ed Shin)
NYLIFF guest speaker Ivy Tobin. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Randee Aquila Sloane and Debra Toscano. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Paul Laudicano, Katie Schrader, Wendell Laurent, Gerry Ferretti and Donna Morales. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Lilo Grunwald-Pearlman (Green) with the Casual Crew Aaron Rossomangno, Dominick Broccolo, James Rossomangno, Eliana Giacomello, Sal Pizzuro, and Maria Lanfranchi. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Michayla Scully awarded Best Actress -Feature in Montauk 77. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Wendell Laurent awarded Best NYLIFF Short for Daybreak. (Photo by Ed Shin)
The Casual Crew awarded the Spirit of NYLIFF for Missing Pictures. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Luis Pedron awarded Best Supporting Actor Comedy Short in Dating Blind and Brian Pollack awarded for Audience Award – Friday Night. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Victor Miranda with Director Marcus Nazario awarded Best Feature in the Genre of Comedy/Romance/Musical for Interabled. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Mo Zapata awarded Best Effect Short for Ay Que Susto. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Michael Scully awarded 7 2021 NYLIFF awards which include Best Director and Best Drama for Montauk 77. (Photo by Ed Shin)
2021 NYLI Film Festival. (Photo by Ed Shin)
2021 NYLI Film Festival. (Photo by Ed Shin)
2021 NYLI Film Festival. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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