Safe House Cleaning Products for Families to Use

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By Olivia Haveron

Safe Cleaning Products for Families

It can be a struggle to keep our houses clean with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, when we do clean, we sometimes forget about the harsh chemicals that might be going into our products. Not only are we breathing in these products, but young children, especially babies, are constantly putting objects in their mouths. While it might be hard to pay attention to what is going into our cleaning products, there are countless affordable healthy products that are organic and limit harsh chemicals. Check out these 9 safe cleaning products for families!

Picture from SeventhGeneration.com

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray

Seventh Generation is known for their cleaning products and are always looking to “create a more healthy, sustainable and equitable world”. One such Seventh Generation Product, this disinfectant spray eliminates odors and kills household germs on hard, non-porous surfaces. The active ingredient in this spray is Thymol, which is present as a component of essential oil. $5.50

Picture from MrsMeyers.com

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils, and other natural products, Mrs. Meyers states that “Enough is Enough” for conventional ingredients and ‘sterile smells’ to get a c=good clean. Mrs. Meyers products are a collection inspired by the flowers and herbs that smell beautiful, while also riding daily dirt and grime from your house. In addition to containing essential oils, all products are made with a cruelty-free formula and are contained in recyclable packaging. For those interested in learning more about the ingredients, Mrs. Meyers website includes a glossary of the ingredients found in their products. Some of their products include hand soap, dish soap, and a multi-purpose everyday cleaner. $4.29

Picture from MethodHome.com

Method All-Purpose Cleaner 

Similarly to most of these cleaners, Method creates products with the people and the planet in mind, especially in terms of the responsibility to the environment. Every product is plant-based and made in one location, reducing their carbon footprint. The all-purpose cleaner destroys grease and grime and is made solely with plant-based material. Specifically all cleaners are made from corn and coconut that makes it simple to cut through the hardest of messes, all while leaving behind a pleasant scent. Each product on Method’s website contains a list of ingredients as well as any full disclosure requirements. $4.00

Picture from BiokleenHome.com

Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner

Since the 1980’s Biokleen has been committed to producing effective plant and mineral based cleaners that are safe for families, pets, and the planet. All products are free from phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, brighteners, and artificial colors and fragrances. Their goal is to use plants, minerals, microbes, and enzymes to break down dirt and odors for maximum cleaning. The All-purpose cleaner is made with citrus and grapefruit seed extract in order to clean and degrease dirt. Leaving no residue or fumes, it is gentle enough for most surfaces and just needs to be diluted with water. $16.82 for 64fl oz

For the full list of cleaning products, visit NewYorkFamily.com.

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