Main Prospect in Southampton Names Cocktail for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy


One Southampton restaurant is toasting to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a cocktail that accomplishes three things: honors him for his heroism amid the Ukraine-Russia war, helps feed the Ukrainian people, and quenches the thirst of imbibers. 

“When Putin invaded the Ukraine, it hit home for me personally, as I used to teach at Baku-Oxford School in Azerbaijan, a former Soviet state that borders Russia and declared their independence the same year as Ukraine,” says Brian Tupper, bartender at Main Prospect, a banquet hall and restaurant venue owned by Binh Douglas and Sean Curneen in Southampton. “As a teacher and a bartender, serving is in my blood, and like so many others around the world, I’ve been inspired by the actions and courage of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”

Main Prospect’s version of the popular lemon drop Martini, The Zelenskyy cocktail is made up of Ukrainian Heritage Homemade Rye Vodka, blue curacao, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. 

“In a coupe glass, we use a yellow and blue sugar rim to mirror the Ukrainian flag, and garnish it with a lemon wheel and four blueberries on a bamboo skewer,” he says. 

All net profits from Ukrainian dishes and cocktail purchases go to World Central Kitchen to help feed those in need in Ukraine, according to the restaurant. 

“I wanted to create a drink that we could serve that was as strong and beautiful as the man himself,” Tupper says. “We take pride in every cocktail we make at Main Prospect, but the knowledge that every time we sell a Zelenskyy, we are really helping to provide free meals for the people of Ukraine who are suffering makes crafting this cocktail more meaningful for all of us.”

Every Zelenskyy cocktail is served with a “Budmo!” 

Budmo is at the heart of all Ukrainian celebrations and encompasses far more than just saying cheers,” he says. “Budmo literally means ‘Let us be’ and is the shortest and the most popular Ukrainian toast.”

Main Prospect is located at 15 Prospect St., Southampton. It can be reached at 631-353-3156 or mainprospectsh.com

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