Something to Wine About: Palmer Weekend Rosé


Looking for something easy, fun, and straight up enjoyable to drink as spring segues into summer? Look no further than Palmer Weekend Rosé. This easy breezy wine is fermented entirely in stainless steel, as are most, but not all, rosés, and is comprised of 90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc. It is aged for four months prior to bottling, and it is nonvintage.

In a nonvintage wine, the grapes may have been harvested from different years. The vintage year that appears on the bottle, the year denoted, is the year the grapes were harvested. Most champagnes are nonvintage. When a wine is nonvintage the winemaker has the freedom to choose the best juice from a variety of years in order to produce a consistently good wine. In the case with champagne, many production houses want to convey their signature taste each year. With vintage wines this can be extremely challenging, bordering on impossible, as each year’s harvest can vary widely. 

Now, back to the fun and easy Palmer Weekend Rosé. Winemaker Kareem Massoud described this wine as leaning sweet but at 12.5% alcohol, it is more fruit forward and flavorful than actually sweet, and it absolutely should not deter those wine drinkers that aren’t fans of sweet wines. In fact, it’s quite crowd pleasing, and whether one prefers a dry or a sweet rosé, this might be the one wine everyone can agree on.  

It’s packaged with an unassuming screw-top (no need to try and remember the corkscrew if you’re headed out to a picnic) and an equally unassuming price at $21.

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