First Giraffe Born on Long Island at White Post Farms in Melville

first giraffe
Baby Savanna and her mother Patches
Courtesy White Post Farms

A mother giraffe has given birth to the first giraffe to be born on Long Island, White Post Farms announced on Sept. 23, a day before allowing visitors to see the new animal.

Giraffes Patches and Oliver (Ollie) are the mother and father, respectively, of the new baby giraffe, who farm staff named Savanna. The approximately 2-month-old giraffe is already 6 feet tall.

“It’s a girl! Patches and Oliver are pleased to announce the birth of their baby, the first giraffe born on Long Island,” the staff at White Post Farms posted on its Facebook page Sept. 23. “We’ve named her Savanna and mommy and baby have been doing great.”

Visitors to the farm can see the giraffe family during the Giraffe Experience, which is open seven days a week and included with admission. The farm is even able to host the Giraffe Experience during bad weather because there is space for people to gather and watch the animals in their indoor shelter.

White Post Farms is located at 250 Old Country Rd. in Melville and can be reached at 631-351-9373.