Long Island-based SabersPro Makes Real-life Star Wars Lightsabers

SabersPro lightsabers
Courtesy SabersPro

Long Island-based SabersPro Makes Real-life <i>Star Wars</i> Lightsabers

The futuristic swords swung in a galaxy far, far away in perhaps the most beloved sci-fi film franchise have come down to Earth, thanks to two Long Island residents.

Lev Glushkovskii and Sergey Kogan, co-founders and owners of SabersPro, make real-life Star Wars-inspired lightsabers that they say are the most realistic on the market, using neopixel technology to mimic the light animation and sound effects of the swords in the movies. It’s this type of realism that gets dedicated fans excited.

“We’re just proud to be a member of such a welcoming community,” Glushkovskii said. “This all started as a desire to get involved and has transformed our lives. Now the challenge is keeping up with demand.”

The Long Island entrepreneurs’ venture started in 2021 as Star Wars fans and lightsaber collectors who wanted to see more high quality products for the fandom to collect and enjoy – so they made their own.

SabersPro makes all sales through its online store based on Long Island. With New York Comic Con on Oct. 6-9, not to mention Halloween approaching, the company is sure to be busy this month.

“We always know when a [convention] is coming up,” Glushkovskii said. “Our sales increase the moment tickets go on sale. Our messages light up from all of the fans looking for a new cool-looking lightsaber to feature at the event.”

Though the original Star Wars films debuted in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, the franchise’s revival with newer movies in the 2010s – and now spin-off television series streaming on Disney+, such as Mandalorian and Andor – have galvanized the younger generations to join the galactic sci-fi fandom as well. 

SaberPro’s products, which range in price from $89.95 to $660.95, are suitable as collectibles, toys, and props. The site, saberspro.com, also sells accessories, such as USB charging cables, lightsaber stands, saber couplers, and replacement parts.