Top 5 Stories in Long Island Press This Week: Groundhog Day, Marijuana, Marilyn Manson, and More

Groundhog Day 2023
Greg Drossel, Holtsville Hal’s handler for two decades, held Holtsville Hal up for all to see in 2018. (Photo by Christa Ganz).

Holtsville Hal, Malverne Mel Differ on Groundhog Day 2023 Predictions

NY Doubles Number of Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries for Long Island

The number of entities allowed to sell recreational marijuana on Long Island nearly doubled when New York State regulators approved another half dozen licenses for upstarts planning to do business in the region.

George Santos
George Santos at a June 2022 campaign event for Lee ZeldinPhoto by Bruce Adler

A List of All the Lies George Santos Has Told

U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-Nassau/Queens) is infamous for the unprecedented number of lies he has told about virtually every part of his life from his family history to his career to what he does in his free time.

Marilyn Manson
Maralyn Manson live at Rock on the Range in 201 (Photo by Craig Noce)

Marilyn Manson Accused on Long Island of Raping Girl, 16