5 Times Late Night Talk Shows Ran Wild With George Santos Jokes

Saturday Night Live – Season 48
Bowen Yang as Rep. George Santos and anchor Colin Jost during SNL Weekend Update on Saturday, January 21, 2023
Photo by: Will Heath/NBC

Congressman George Santos (R-Queens/Nassau), who has become a laughingstock for his plethora of blatant and sometimes comical lies, has been the topic of many late night talk show hosts’ jokes lately.

From his educational background to his charity work, to the cause of his mother’s death, to his connection to Judaism and the Holocaust, it seems that Rep. Santos just can’t control himself. While these falsehoods have led to calls to remove Santos from Congress, they’ve also made him prime material for late night show skits. Santos himself Tweeted on Jan. 23 that he has now been “enshrined in late night TV history with all these impersonations.”

We’ve compiled a list of the best late night jokes mocking Santos, who, in the words of Bill Mahr, “Pinnochioed his way into Congress.”

Late Night Talk Show Hosts Run Wild With George Santos Jokes

In Real Time with Bill Mahr, the only program on this list that does not mock Santos through a skit, there are a series of clever jokes about George Santos’ lies, the highlights of which we felt inclined to list below:

“Now if you are sort of hazy on the details of Santos’ life, don’t worry; so is he.”

“When they film his biography he’ll start with ‘Based on a false story.'”

“He lies the way a goose sh**s: If he is not doing it at the very moment, he is about to.”

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Santos in an elaborate skit, which takes place from the perspective of a camera Kimmel planted outside a mock-up of Santos’ office.

In a reference to his claim of homosexuality, Santos, played by actor Nelson Franklin, is shown with his feet on his desk, painting his toenails pink. When Kimmel confronts the Santos impersonator by speaking through the camera, he hides the paint and says he was “working on behalf of his constituents.” Among the notable jokes in this skit are:

Kimmel asks Franklin’s Santos: “You were just named to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Does that make sense to you?” To which he replies, “Well, yeah, because I was the first openly gay, Jewish, Republican Latino to walk on the moon.”

Kimmel: “You claimed your now deceased mother was in the world trade center on 9/11 and died. “They looked into it and it turned out she was in Brazil at the time.”

Franklin’s response: “That is a complete lie. She was in the Twin Towers getting a Brazilian, and thank God I am a volunteer fire chief because I was able to carry her and five other freshly waxed women to safety.” 

Lastly, in a reference to Santos’ involvement in Harbor City Capital, a Florida-based company the SEC declared a ponzi scheme, Kimmel says: “What about the pyramid scheme in Florida you denied having any knowledge of?”

Hinting at Santos’ false claim that his grandparents are Jewish Holocaust survivors, Franklin replies: “Woah, pyramid scheme is an offensive term. My people actually built the pyramids when they were slaves.”

Colin Jost ‘interviews George Santos’ on SNL.

Jost confronts Santos, played by comedian Bowen Yang, saying, “You lied about your mom dying in 9/11,” to which Yang replies, “I think I said 7-Eleven.”

Jost continues, “You even lied about being Jewish.”

“No,” Yang responds, “I said I was Jew-ish, which is honestly icon-ic. My ancestors actually knew Anne Frank.”

When confronted on his lies, Yang assures Jost that “they made me take a lie detector test before coming here.” After Yang takes out the test, Jost exclaims, “That’s a Covid test!”

At the end of the skit, Yang as Santos finally embraces one of his lies, as he exclaims: “Marjorie Taylor Greene is over here saying 9/11 didn’t happen. I’m just saying it happened to me!”

Yang also says he’s a “proud representative of my district in Long Island, New Jersey.”

In yet another skit, Jimmy Fallon mocks George Santos on The Tonight Show. Listed are some of the notable jokes.

Early in the skit, Santos, played by comedian Jon Lovitz, attempts to establish his credibility: “I don’t consider the things I’ve said to be lies. They’re what my great great grandfather Winston Churchill, he would call them embellishments.”

Later, when Fallon asks Lovitz about his Jewish heritage, he replies, “I am a part time Jew, and in my spare time I am the Prime Minister of Israel.”

Along with a series of other silly and funny lies, Lovitz as Santos claims, “I went to high school in Euphoria, but they kicked me out after I broke up with Sydnie Sweeny.”

The actual George Santos Tweeted after the skit: ” Jon Lovitz is supposed to be one of the greatest comedians of all time and that was embarrassing— for him not me! These comedians need to step their game up.”

The Late Show with Steven Colbert 

Virtually joining Steven Colbert, Santos, played by Harvey Guillén, gracefully begins the skit by saying, “It’s an honor to be back on your show.” Colbert responds: “It’s your first time on the show.”

After Colbert challenges Santos’ claim of playing volleyball at a school he never attended, Guillén affirms his statement. “In fact,” Guillén says, “ I am in the middle of a big match right now.” After taking out a volleyball and attempting to spike it, Guillén exclaims, “Touchdown! Another win for Hogwarts!”

Several people have questioned Santos’ handling of funds directed to his charity, created to benefit animals. Referencing this potential scandal, Colbert asks Santos: “What about the Friends of Pets United, that animal charity you claimed to run and collected money for, even though the IRS has no record of it?” 

Guillén replies: “So what if the IRS doesn’t know everything? Does the IRS know the weight of a wish or the song that hope sings? By the way, those are names of my other charities, so please donate!”

When Colbert mentions Santos’ contradictory claims that his mother died during 9/11 and in 2016, Guillén, who begins to tear up, replies, “Steven, how could you bring that up at a time like this? I’m at my mother’s funeral right now. Do you know how hard it is to lose someone when they’ve already died three times before?”

Closing the skit, Colbert asks, “After all this deception, do you really expect Republicans to keep you in congress?” Guillén replies, “Of course, they can’t get rid of me. I’m the speaker of the house.” When Colbert challenges that statement, affirming that the Kevin McCarthy is the speaker, Guillén says, “Ok, Boomer,” as he ends the call.

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