Nationwide Starbucks Strike Held at 2 Long Island Stores

starbucks strike
Farmingville Starbucks workers strike on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.
Courtesy Starbucks Workers United

Nationwide Starbucks Strike Underway at 2 Long Island Stores

Starbucks workers at two unionized Long Island locations – Lynbrook and Farmingville – participated in a nationwide Starbucks strike on Wednesday.

The strike, dubbed “One Day Longer,” aimed to unify Starbucks baristas against the company’s alleged unfair labor practices and encourage Starbucks to negotiate union contracts fairly.

“I’m fighting for a fair chance because I’m tired of barely surviving,” said Sam Cornetta, a Farmingville Starbucks employee for more than three years. “I’m fighting for what’s right because no one is above the law.”

starbucks strike
Farmingville Starbucks workers strike on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.Courtesy Starbucks Workers United

The Farmingville Starbucks store became the first Starbucks location in Suffolk County to unionize in July 2022 when workers voted 13-1 to join Starbucks Workers United, a division of the Workers United New York/New Jersey Regional Joint Board.

Starbucks workers who have unionized say they are seeking safe staffing and fair wages and benefits. The unionized stores now await contract negotiations.

“I’m striking because my friends and I are barely making poverty wages while being at one of the busiest Starbucks on the Island,” said Brendan Lopez, a Farmingville Starbucks employee for over a year.

The Lynbrook Starbucks location became the fifth Long Island Starbucks store to unionize in a vote of 14-8 last month. 

“I’m excited for our store to join the national effort in striking,” said Liv Ryan, a Lynbrook Starbucks employee for three years. “It’s so reassuring and reaffirming to be a part of something that’s bigger than just Long Island. I hope that Starbucks corporate starts accepting and joining us in solidarity.”

In response to the nationwide strikes, Starbucks released a statement in an email to the Press:

“Rather than publicizing rallies and protests, we encourage Workers United to live up to their obligations by responding to our proposed sessions and meeting us in-person to move the good faith bargaining process forward.”

More than 115 union-represented Starbucks stores across the country are participating in Wednesday’s strike. Others showed their support by displaying “Contract NOW” stickers in lieu of striking. 

The Starbucks strike comes as the National Labor Relations Board reviews more than 80 labor violation complaints filed by Starbucks Workers United. Outgoing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is set to testify regarding the accusations of union-busting and other complaints at a Senate committee hearing on March 29.

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Courtesy Starbucks Workers United