OpEd: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Turn Ideas into Opportunities

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OpEd: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Turn Ideas into Opportunities

Pipe dreams pop like soap bubbles that the little ones love so much.  And maybe that is the attraction. Those bubbles are fantastic and wonderful but very short lived and unsustainable. They are the shiny new object that is calling, yet just out of reach.

How many times in life are we drawn to an idea that seems monumental, original, and wealth creating? However, the attraction wanes when the path is identified, and we are left with more questions than answers about how to bring it to fruition. 

Opportunities, however, are more concrete and future looking. They don’t leap off a magic wand. They are the product of the human mind that can connect certain key factors for that ‘ah-ha’ moment. They let us clearly see that the potential is real, tangible, and, most importantly, attainable.

Ideas and opportunities require action, commitment to a path. Dreams will always be dreams without action.

Developing ideas today is getting a boost from blossoming artificial intelligence bots like OpenAI, ChapGPT, Jasper, and Localio; all generative apps that respond to a series of prompts at a speed that is mind-boggling. The prompts are the key.  The wrong prompts result in content that is neither germane nor credible. 

My idea (independent of AI) is an app that streamlines the double verification process. I presented the idea as follows:

Create the description of a new app that speeds up the annoying process of double verification by capturing received code and filling in as requested.

The response:

Introducing “VerifyEase” – the app that streamlines the tedious and time-consuming process of double verification by automatically capturing received codes and filling them in as requested.

You can say goodbye to the frustration of typing in those six-digit codes every time you log in to your accounts or perform sensitive transactions. Simply open the app, grant it the necessary permissions, and let it do the work for you. 

The app works by scanning your incoming messages and identifying any verification codes… you get the point.

The result: I now have a detailed first step. The idea is not only described but outlines the process by which it would work. My idea has already sprouted roots. It has been articulated in such a way that the hand off to an app developer is streamlined.

How many more ideas will be helped along the way with a nudge from AI?

The author, Greg Demetriou, is the founder of Lorraine Gregory Communications in Edgewood, a multi award-winning marketing and advertising agency. He can be reached at [email protected].