Point Lookout Film Festival Returns for Sixth Season

point lookout film festival
Phillip Russell & Janelle Tedesco
Photo by Ed Shin

Point Lookout Film Festival Returns for Sixth Season

The Point Lookout Film Festival enjoyed its sixth season at its home at Point Lookout’s J.A. Heneghan’s Tavern on April 6.

Started in 2018 by filmmaker-organizers of several short film festivals in the New York and New Jersey area, the festival thrives on being an outlet for filmmakers from the greater Long Island area, as well as surrounding areas, to show the fruits of their labors. 

The festival organizers view the unique venue as the perfect vehicle to provide a valuable networking opportunity for filmmakers in a welcoming setting. Quite often at similar venues, relationships have been forged, leading to projects that would ultimately be shown in later seasons of the same festival.

Annual awards at the festival include Best Local Short, Best Ensemble, uniquely titled certificate awards, and even awards for student films, in addition to the usual awards you’d see at most festivals. 

For more information on the festival, including past films screened, award winners, interview clips with filmmakers from various seasons, and more, visit pointlookoutfilmfestival.com or email [email protected].

point lookout film festival
6th Annual Point Lookout Film FestivalPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 11 Ilaria Malvezzi
Ilaria MalvezziPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 10 David Joseph
David JosephPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 9 Joe Acierno
Joe AciernoPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 8 Nick Irwin Jenna Rielly Darius Delsoin Jose Alvarez Joe Acierno
Nick Irwin, Jenna Rielly, Darius Delsoin, Jose Alvarez & Joe AciernoPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 7 Ilaria Malvezzi Edward Blunnie
Ilaria Malvezzi & Edward BlunniePhoto by Ed Shin
Image 6 Philip Snyder
Philip SnyderPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 5 F Jim Morrison Melissa Mcsherry BStacey Morrison Mark Montalbano
(F) Jim Morrison and Melissa McSherry; (B) Stacey Morrison and Mark MontalbanoPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 4 Dan Gregory
Dan GregoryPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 3 Joe Sernio
Joe SernioPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 2 Point Lookout Film Festival Organizers CJ Cullen Larry Rosen
Point Lookout Film Festival Organizers CJ Cullen & Larry RosenPhoto by Ed Shii