Twisted Cow Distillery’s The Patriot Cocktail Perfect for Memorial Day Weekend

twisted cow distillery
Twisted Cow Distillery’s The Patriot

Twisted Cow Distillery’s The Patriot Cocktail Perfect for Memorial Day Weekend

Twisted Cow Distillery’s latest cocktail is meaningful in more ways than one. 

“With every new handcrafted liquor release, the Twisted Cow Distillery creates an equally unique cocktail,” says John Pawluk, owner of Twisted Cow Distillery, a distillery in East Northport. “The mixologists of the tasting room work with fresh ingredients and experiment with new spirits to formulate a cocktail that will accent the artisan liquor in a unique way. May’s cocktail, however, has been created with symbolic meaning in honor of Memorial Day.”

Called The Patriot, the cocktail incorporates a layer pour of three raspberries, two mint leaves, .5 part fresh-squeezed lime juice, one part simple syrup, two parts Spy Ring Rum, a splash of club soda, and topped with five blueberries.”

“The cocktail is a twist on the traditional mojito with its colorful layers steeped in symbolism,” Pawluk says. “The base liquor is Twisted Cow’s new Spy Ring Rum. The layers of the crafted cocktails represent the red, white and blue of our flag — a perfect signature cocktail for Memorial Day, with light and refreshing flavors that serve as the perfect centerpiece to this summer’s start.”

Every unique cocktail at the Twisted Cow Distillery undergoes an intense testing phase before being introduced to the menu. After two days of creation, tasting and scrutiny, The Patriot won over Twisted Cow’s team. 

“Twisted Cow is full of purposeful and symbolic efforts in all of our efforts, from distilling to crafting the tasting room cocktails,” Pawluk says. “Extra care was considered in this important tribute cocktail, as The Patriot continues to follow Twisted Cow Distillery’s purposeful pathway in artisanship.”

Twisted Cow Distillery is located at 13 Hewitt Square, East Northport. It can be reached at twistedcowdistillery.net or 631-449-0128.

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