Looking To Bring Home a Furry Friend This Weekend? Here Are Some Animals Up For Adoption on Long Island

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It’s hot out there! Let’s be sure to keep our furry friends safe by knowing signs of overheating.

If you witness heavy panting, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, bright red gums, thick saliva, drooling, vomiting and/or diarrhea, disorientation, or lethargy, please call your vet or visit an urgent care right away. 

And now, for this week’s adorable adoptables…

Available for adoption through Lend-a-Paw Inc.

Adoption 1

Sssshhhhh…Whisper was saved from a kill shelter in Louisiana, and arrived at the rescue with severe skin allergies which made her super uncomfortable.

Her skin has since healed after going to the vet and getting lots of TLC from her foster. She loves to snuggle just as much as play. Whisper needs a forever home that will give her all the love she needs and deserves. She is about a year old, good with dogs cats and kids!

Adoption Slim

6-year-old Slim is the sweetest man who just needs a little help finding his forever home.

Slim was saved from the euthanasia list in Manhattan earlier this year and now has nowhere to call home. He does have some resource guarding issues that will need to be worked on and some defensive behavior towards males, but he’s working through these issues with the help of Lend-a-Paw’s trainer. 

Adoption Twinkle

Twinkle was a part of a TNR project in Elmont who loves to explore the playroom just as much as snuggling with her feline friends. She has trust issues and takes a while to warm up, but once she does, she loves to be shown affection and be pet! She is about a year old and needs a patient foster or adopter to help her decompress and get used to her surroundings. 

Adoption Nino

When Nino was left at the kill shelter, he became very distraught and would not allow anyone to pet him for quite some time. Thanks to the love and care he’s received from volunteers, Nino now LOVES being pet, and will rub right into you, play with you and other cats, and even gets along well with older children who can respect boundaries. Now five-years-old, Nino has hypothyroidism which is managed by a small pill which he takes easily with food. 

For more information about adopting or fostering these little love bugs, please call (516) 405-0065.

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats

Adoption Zayn

Sweet with a side of shy, Zayn is part of The One Direction Litter born in March of this year. His foster says he is adorable as he enjoys playing with his brothers in and out of the cat house. Zayn tends to be curious but also cautious and is 1000% ready to find his forever home today!

Adoption Stella

Stella is the ultimate lap cat and absolutely loves human affection. She’s vocal and loves to be involved in all of your conversations. Stella is a calm cat but she does enjoy her play time. She’s curious and confident and doesn’t spook easily. She’s a very patient cat and tolerates being held and picked up. She gets along with other cats but a slow introduction is necessary. She has Feline pica, which refers to when cats eat non-edible items or things with no nutritional value. This includes plastics, fabrics, rubber, plants, soil, or paper, so a tidy household with an enclosed trash can is a must. Stella has environmental allergies to mold too and desperately wants a family who will love her as much as she loves them. Will that be you?

Adoption Luke

This handsome little boy named Luke absolutely loves to play. He has so much fun with his wand toys and he carries his little blue mouse all over the place! Luke is such a sweet little kitten who needs another young kitty to play with. He can’t wait for his furever home!

To adopt these cutie patooties, complete an adoption application here- https://www.tenderlovingcats.org/adoption-application.html

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Meet the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pets of the Week – and it’s not what you think!  The boom in chicken ownership the past few years has created a problem for the males.  Roosters are often a source of complaint for neighbors and prohibited in some areas. When an accidental boy is hatched, they often find themselves kicked out of the flock because placement for roosters is getting increasingly harder to find. Hoyt, King Charles, and Chanticleer were all abandoned as strays to fend for themselves. Each is a young fellow, with Charles being the oldest at just over a year old. These boys were all found emaciated, dehydrated and weak. They are all now happy and healthy but are lonely and looking for a flock of their own. 

Adoption Chickens

King Charles (formerly Prince Charles) is a handsome rooster who has been in the Animal Shelter for a year. He is docile and easygoing and seeks out physical closeness with any animal he can find. Charles enjoys eating blueberries and tomatoes. 

Chanticleer has been with us a short time, and he has shown to be an active guy that is slow to trust people. He has yet to decide what his favorite treats are, though he seems to like tomatoes. Chanticleer can have a spicy attitude, but will learn to be better as he settles in. 

Hoyt is our newest addition and is proving to be docile and friendly with a love for corn and other animals. Hoyt has some weight to gain but is making great progress.

Each of these lovely roosters enjoy crowing the day away. They’ve been through a lot in their short lives, and they need a safe and nurturing environment that will help them flourish. The Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter is not equipped to safely house animals other than dogs and cats long term. However, if an animal is in danger and needs housing temporarily until another rescue has room, they do their best to provide safe shelter. While the animals wait for space to open in another rescue, it will be available for adoption through our Adoption Center.

For more information about these special guys, please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575. 

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Adoption Esme and Eagan

**Double Adoption** After being rescued off the local streets, 2-year-olds Esme (Adoption #BF3765) and Eagan (Adoption 3BF3766) needed a little tender loving care. They’ve enjoyed time together in a peaceful room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, and so far, they have made great progress. Formally fearful, Eagan is completely open to love and attention from cats and people alike. You’ll find her cuddling in a ray of sunlight with any of her friends, but she’ll follow you for her helping of treats. Esme has always been the more playful of the two. She’s still a little shy about lots of human attention which is why we’re looking for a home with children over 12 years old and adults experienced in nurturing the fear from beloved felines. 

Adoption Lana

Lovely Lana (Adoption #H211408) is having a lot of fun “helping” her coworkers in the Pet Health Centers where she resides, but her heart is hopeful a more permanent home is in her future. This precocious 2-year-old girl has been the focus of attention since she arrived as a kitten in need of Animal League America’s vets’ help to sort out her medical issues with seizures and impaired vision. But those issues haven’t impacted her determination! Now that the vets have a successful treatment plan in place, she’s looking for a family (with kids over 10 years old) and previous cat experience to take over the wonderful care she’s received. As part of the rescue’s Sponsor Program, her family will team up with our vets to help make caring for her for the rest of her life as easy as loving her. If you need a little helper to dazzle your family, look no further than Lana.

Adoption Mercury

**Double Adoption** When Mercury (Adoption #H211412) and Mars (Adoption #H211413) were orbiting around someone’s backyard as older kittens, they had no idea how safe their landing was to be. This timid pair of devoted 2-year-old siblings has leaned heavily upon each other as they learn about the galaxy of indoor living. If you’ve had cats before, you’ll know love and patience is all that’s needed to coax them into exploring your living room and the great house beyond. A family with children over 12 years old will provide them with the predictable kind of setting to help them thrive.

Adoption Peanut

Peanut (Adoption #H211682) is celebrating his 1st birthday! While Peanut is undeniably an adorable, fun-loving cat, he’s no ordinary feline. In fact, he’s a miracle of scientific research and medical interventions. Not long ago, a diagnosis of his illness would have led to dire circumstances, but Animal League America’s veterinary heroes put everything they have into saving his life. Peanut loves to play and explore, to gaze out windows and watch the birds, and to head butt humans enthusiastically and wait for kisses on his head in return. A lucky family is going to be filled with inspiration as they celebrate all the little things that make Peanut’s heart fill up with an abundance of joy and gratitude. While he’s stealing your heart, he’ll be stealing a few treats as well.

Adoption Latte

**Double Adoption** While in the loving care of Animal League America’s medical team, one-year-olds Latte (Adoption #BF4406) and Spice (Adoption #BF4407) learned these caring hands also comforted them, helping them realize they were safe.  Now you’ll find these very bonded sisters enjoying playtime side by side, but welcoming understanding human friends who offer kindness. They’re looking for an experienced home (with children aged 12 and older) to provide a consistent environment that will ease the girls into the next wonderful chapter of their lives. 

Adoption Leia

**Double Adoption** Sweet 2-year-old sisters Luna (Adoption #R166602) and Leia (Adoption #R166603) came all the way from Hawaii in hope of finding their furever family – or as they’d call it, their ohana. They’d lived in a loving home for a year but due to their owner’s illness are now asking for our help find a new ohana to call their own. Each sister is easing into shelter life with a mild curiosity for wand play and enthusiastic interest in treat parties. A quiet, experienced home (with children over age 12) will ease them back into the tranquil home life they once enjoyed.

Adoption Opaline

The trauma of momma Opaline’s (Adoption #D47005) past is behind her, but her hesitance to accept a new lifestyle has us devoting time and patience to reassure her she can push on towards a brighter future. Opaline deserves a life full of kindness, patience, and understanding. A cat-experienced adopter will know how to blink away from her fear with gentle words of encouragement. Could tender ear rubs be far behind?  To provide this tender beauty a consistent environment, a quiet home (with children over 12 ) will help Opaline successfully transition into the beloved pet in a safe, loving family she deserves.

Adoption Polly

**Double Adoption** Locally rescued 3-month-old cuties Polly Pocket (Adoption #L80588) and Stretch Armstrong (Adoption #L80589) have each other to lean on as they figure out the new world of inside living, thanks to their heroic rescuer and friends at Animal League America. Stretch is ready for what’s next: a loving home with some fun-loving experienced humans. His sister Polly has her doubts, but Stretch is the purrfect guide for her as she learns about life on the inside with a family. Kids over ten will instinctively know how to provide the safety and consistency she needs to catch up to her brother, who’s always nearby to reassure her that life indeed gets more and more fun by the day!

Adoption Duckling

Poor Duckling (Adoption #D47010) wasn’t feeling very lucky. But on her worst day, she found herself being reassured the days that follow will be better. This beautiful 8-year-old tabby deserves nothing but peace and quiet. Offer her gentle reminders she is loved, and she’ll treat you to all the gratitude she can muster. All Duckling needs to feel lucky again is a fresh start with someone committed to loving her. Then sit back and watch her make your heart expand!

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit their Port Washington campus today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!