Nassau Legislators Aim To Make West Hempstead’s Woodfield Road Safer

Woodfield 1
Courtesy William Florio

Nassau County Legislators Bill Gaylor and John Giuffrè have announced an initiative to expand safety monitoring on Nassau County’s Woodfield Road.

Woodfield Road runs south-north, beginning off of Lakeview Avenue just west of South Pond from the south and ending at Hempstead Avenue in the north.

It has been the site of numerous fatal accidents.

On August 10, a 73-year-old woman was hit by a driver while crossing Woodfield Road at Oakford Street.

In December of 2022, a man died after being hit by a driver, and just two months earlier in October 2022, a 12-year-old boy was killed after being struck by a car on Woodfield Road near Lindberg Street.

In 2021, a 17-year-old girl was also killed along the roadway.

Gaylor and Giuffré had requested the Department of Public Works install a traffic light on Woodfield Road at Lindberg Street.

In addition to the traffic light, the legislators said on Aug. 21 that West Hempstead’s portions of Woodfield Road will be monitored closely, with a specific focus on the intersection of Maple Street.

“The road is frequented by pedestrians walking to school, businesses, and religious institutions, as well as motorists traveling to Hempstead Turnpike,” a news release from the legislators said. “It also features a dangerous bend which potentially can obstruct the view of the roadway to drivers and prevent pedestrians from seeing an on-coming car.”

The traffic light will be installed in the coming weeks, and Public Works has already started to mark out the roadway for the foundations for the light.

“West Hempstead is a walking community, and the safety of our residents is of the utmost importance,” Bill Gaylor said. “Whether they are driving in their cars, bicycling down the street or walking in the neighborhood, people have expectations of safety. I am very happy to partner with Legislator Giuffré and County Executive Blakeman to get this traffic light installed at the Lindberg Street and Woodfield intersection, and to expand the traffic study throughout Woodfield Road. Street safety improves quality of life for all residents in a community.”

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Courtesy William Florio